SUNDAY FROM THE TIPS: Hit the tee and count to 3.

Golf Instruction from 30 year golf professional and entrepreneur Patrick Shea. Most beginner golfers have 2 major issues with poor balance and with solid contact. I see it all the time, especially on the golf course. If you watch the best players in the world, all make a swing with a balanced finished, and most break their tee or at least knock it out of the ground. There is a simple and super effective drill I use for both beginner and intermediate students that I call “Hit the Tee and Count to Three.” I start by having them tee up a golf ball, then set up 3 tees in a row. I ask them to make a swing where they break the tee, and out loud count to three. I have them do this on the driving range first, then take the same drill out to the golf course. Counting out loud has is an auditory trigger that helps you to eventually commit to a balanced finish, and the tee acts as an anchor to help guarantee solid contact. I’m a big fan of drills that are 1) easy to understand and 2) super effective. This drill is both. Give it a try and please leave us feedback on how you did.

Good luck.

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