LAUNCH MONITORS CAN REVEAL REALLY INTERESTING THINGS! When we noticed my 3 wood had the same speed as my driver at 2 inches shorter (both 112-114 MPH), I knew my driver shaft was too long and I was not getting the return on the length I thought I was and it was costing me consistency and fairways hit! We put this to the test and 2 out of 3 of us saw no change in speed with the shorter driver. We also dug up a great podcast from the CALLAWAY FITTING TEAM which is below and has great insight on driver length.

Shawn Clement Is one of the 40 TEAM MEMBERS OF THE GOLF CHANNEL ACADEMY INSTRUCTORS and Director of Development at The Royal Quebec Golf Club

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00:00 Shawn introduces the golf lesson w/ Sav & Mu
01:11 Shawn demonstrates his swing speed with the fairway wood
02:13 Shawn demonstrates his swing speed the driver
03:14 Results from the test and benefits from a shorter shaft
04:25 Savvy swings the driver with her stock shaft
05:53 Savvy swings the driver with a shorter shaft
07:22 Results from the experiment for Savvy
08:21 Mu swings the driver with his stock shaft
09:10 My swing the driver with a shorter shaft
12:11 Results & Shawn concludes the golf lesson

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