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How to Increase Golf Club Distances For All of Your Clubs!

More distance could be considered the holy grail of golf, ask any golfer what he or she wants most and it will most likely be more distance. This article will touch on the basics increasing your golf club distance with all of your clubs. Swing adjustments that will improve your swing are the key.

Cheapest Golf Shoes Online

If you are looking for the cheapest golf shoes online, then you need to go to review sites and e-commerce sites that offer only the high quality buy affordable golf footwear. It is a common misconception that if you buy things that are cheap, it will get trashed fast. Golfers who are looking for the cheapest golf shoes online are not looking for low quality and uncomfortable shoes.

Should Golf Rangefinders Like The Bushnell Tour V2 Be Acceptable During Competition?

There seems to be a increasing controversy on the subject of whether or not a golf laser rangefinder like the Bushnell Tour V2 Pinseeker should be acceptable during tournament play. You’ll find valid arguments behind either side of the subject. Some people say why don’t you allow everyone to use a rangefinder anytime they want to.

Doing A Perfect Golf Swing

Some rules will have to be followed to get a learning golf swing. It is necessary that the club must be considered as an extended part of the arm, perfecting balance and rhythm. If the club does not really match up with the body, you have little chance of succeeding the way you would like to.

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The Ways To Learn the Techniques in Golf

It is good that you are picking up on Golf. But let us tell you that it is not so easy as you think it is to learn to achieve a perfect swing without having to learn the technique and practice it. This game is one of the most frustrating sports in the world, so staying focused and getting better is the key.

Choosing Your Golf Cart Caravan

In every game, golf cart caravans work so hard running for miles each day carrying heavy loads from one point to another and they thread through rugged terrains. So they also need to be given special attention and special care. If they are simply ignored, you will find that they will have to replace them frequently.

Find the Sweet Spot Every Time With the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

Don’t worry about playing position golf, you can still slice the ball if you are in the right positions. Focus instead on having your hands get your arms in line with the shaft. When your hands get out of line they will take the rest of your swing with it. But not if you practice with your Medicus dual hinge.

Mastering The Putting Set Up Basics Will Make You A Better Putter

There are keys that touring professionals all do well on a regular basis on the putting greens. A good putting set up is essential in order to develop a sound putting technique. A good putting set up will also create more consistency in your putting. Here are some tips and drills on developing a good putting setup that will show how you to be a better putter and lower your scores.

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Golf Grip Tricks

Whenever most golfers are having difficulties with their gameplay and are also attempting to dissect where those troubles are caused by, they typically take a look at their golf swings over and over again and forget to consider the golfing grip at all. Of course, the swing movement has a tendency to make a lot of problems with our handicap, even so the grip is really overlooked, and it turns out that many problems can be solved by making slight modifications on the grip. The mission of this informative article is to offer you some good golf grip strategies to help your game rise to the next level.

The History and Current State of Golf Carts

Golf is considered to be one of the oldest and most storied sports of all time. It is hip and well known all around the world. The reward for winning a significant tournament is awesome and that is why most of the richest sports enthusiasts enjoy the sport.

Golf Swing Training Aids: Increasing Your Golf Swing Distance

What do you think are the best golf swing training aids? The golf swing training aids are on its hyped nowadays and are also over-sold. Many opinions from people invest more on time and also in money to purchase a core-training exercise with a ball and a simple mat.

Why Are People Drawn to the Sport of Golf?

Golf can be the most exciting, relaxing sport and it can also be very frustrating and disappointing to those of us that are very passionate about this game. How can a sport of just simply hitting a ball at a certain target stir up so many emotions in us?


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