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Stop Swinging Over The Top (Feel The Difference) - Golf Tips & Videos

Stop Swinging Over The Top (Feel The Difference)

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In this tip I show you a simple drill to help stop coming over the top. Is you stop coming over the top you create a swing path attacking the ball more from the inside giving you way more power and consistency.

Amateur golfers want to hit the ball solely with their arms. In doing so, it send the club over the top on an outside to in swing path. Couple this with an open face and you get a slice. So to fix an over the top swing all you have to do is turn your arms off. This is what I have taught for years. Unfortunately it’s hard for most players to turn their arms off so this is a simple drill you can be doing to feel an over the top swing. Once you feel it, you can fix it.

I would be doing this drill as much as possible so you stop coming over the top fast and start swinging on an inside out swing path give you way more power and consistency.

Free samples from my Body Swing book and video series here:
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Here's a great drill to help you stop Coming over the top so if you don't know What over the top is that is when you Are hitting hard with your arms so Imagine this alignment stick right here You're up at the top trying to hit the Ball super hard so you send the club Over top of the plane swinging from the Outside to in If the face is square to that path you Hit a pull a pull hook If you hit it with the face open to the Path you hit a pull slice All right if the face was severely open You could actually hit it you could hit A push slice okay so that would be more Of you know typically your beginner Might come through with the face Severely open I'm assuming you have some Kind of experience you understand what a Slice is it's going to be a pull slice All right so For this we gotta stop coming over the Top now I if I can get you to seriously not hit The golf ball with your arms so if you Know anything about what I do I teach a Powerless arms swing a body swing not an Arm swing I don't want you hitting with Your arms isn't that what everyone's Doing you know your average player They're just standing up here trying to Hit it as hard as they can with their Arms

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The problem with hitting with your arms Is when you get to the top of the back Swing you go to hit hard that tilts your Whole body forward if you tilt your body Forward you're going to send it over the Top so if you don't recover by the time You hit the ball that's when you're Going to get the club swinging on an Outside in swing path All right and keep in mind from right Here to right here that's a quarter Second in time so if you're up at the Top and you start leaning forward highly Likely you're going to send it over the Top and we're going to get those poor Shots alright so if you turned your arms Off you know which is what I teach I Would be having you up here at the top Firing your body first which gets you to Fall backwards which creates the path Slightly from the inside but I know it Takes a while to get that takes you know A bit of practice so here's a drill that You could be doing just to kind of help Things along a little bit alright so This is pretty simple you can do this With irons can do it with your driver This will give you the feeling of not Coming over the top now don't get me Wrong on this one you're going to feel What your arms are doing I certainly do not want you hitting with Your arms okay this is just to get rid Of the coming over the top get you a new

Feeling of attacking more from the Inside so all it is if you go like this And you get ready to hit your driver you Take it up to the top like this just Think in your mind if you came over the Top Your arms would come out this way to Make the club cut Across the ball or swing over the top Outside to in okay cut across it if the Face is open if it's Square pull close Pull hook okay so right here you'd be Here like this so maybe even try that Just go to the top Because it's it's good to kind of see What the difference is going to be so if I'm here and the club's basically down The line if you went to go over the top Your arms would have to go out that way All right so I want your arms to drop This way because we're firing our body So if we drop or fire our body first Club shaft is going to shallow or Flatten and swing more down the line All right so let's get the feeling of The proper way or More attacking from the inside so if we Went like this And we felt okay that's coming over the Top Why don't we just let our arms kind of Fall down this way Okay so now you can see if if your arms Came down kind of this way

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You'd see the club would be attacking More from the inside So inside to square to inside on this Slight Arc Okay so here again if I go to the top Like this Over the top would go this way Okay and it's usually steep club's super Steep here coming over the top Okay that's going to swing outside in so If I hit the top like this And then I let this drop Okay that's going to be attacking more From the inside So you know this thought has been around For a while and that sort of thing I you Know Yeah I like it in the sense that it will At least give you the feeling of the Difference between what over the top Feels like versus what Attacking from the inside feels like all Right so if you try to do this in Reality like when you're hitting a shot Keep in mind you only have a quarter Second In time so if you're up here like this And your thought is to drop this down as Soon as you make the move to drop you're Going to be hitting hitting the ball Okay quarter second you blink your eyes In 0.33 That is 0.25 that is less than the blink Of an eye from there to there so if you

Think you're going to pull this way down Here and then hit that shot it's not Going to happen Because as soon as you make the move in The downswing you're already hitting the Ball all right but again this is a way To get a feeling a new Way to do it versus what you've been Doing in the past so you're up here like This you feel what over the top feels Like it's going this way so right here If this is exactly what I just did I Went like this and I leaned forward see My arms are going Over the top body's leaning forward now If I went like this and I felt like it Dropped see how that's making me Tilt backwards Well that's what I'm trying to get you To do So we get the club attacking from the Inside So a couple thoughts you could have There If you hit the top like this Feel like your arms are going straight Down feel like you're going to go Towards your back pocket right here One of the commenters on one of my tips Said they imagined there was a wall here And they were going to keep their arms Against this wall as they came down Any sort of thought to stop your Club Moving that way

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Would be a great thing to be practicing Okay now just again realize This happens so fast from here to here If you think you're going to pull this All the way down to here And then try to hit that ball that is Not going to happen It's a way to get the feeling and to Transform your golf swing or change your Swing from a hitting hard with the arms Swinging over the top swing to Potentially hoping you use your body Allowing your arms to follow Okay so then it attacks more from the Inside so if I was out here trying to Work on this I would understand the Concept okay here I am at the top that Would be over the top I'm exaggerating Here okay that'd be over the top this is Where I want to go right here I want to Allow this club to drop this way not go That way Okay so I'd be up here thinking okay Pocket I'm going to move my arms to my Pocket feel it go down maybe there's a Wall here I'm going to keep my hands on This wall until I hit the ball so that I Get that feeling and then of course I Would apply that To the shot so that ball just slightly Right of center right there And I attacked from the inside All right so pretty simple drill but You know takes a little bit of work to

Get rid of what you've been doing that Swinging over the top for probably many Years you know so gotta start somewhere With this stuff ideally if you Completely turned your arms off You'd have to use your body if you fired Your body Would tilt backwards or fired your lower Body Would tilt backwards you'd attack from The inside literally in minutes but You know I know people typically don't Want to or you know takes them a while To get that concept so here's a little Way to help speed it along I truly hope You've enjoyed this tip here's another Tip that's going to help you improve Your swing now right below that don't Forget to click on that link because I'm Going to send you some free samples of My body swing book and video series That'll take you step by step by step Through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing