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Practice Like You Play

New golfers spend a lot of time on the driving range to practice their swings and their shots. Even if they do keep on swinging their irons and woods as well as their putt in the driving range and feel they have their stance, grip and body mechanics down pat, they find it surprising when they cannot translate their flawless practice sessions to lower scores when they actually play in the golf course. They’re doing the exact same thing they did at practice, but they’re having bogeys left and right, with majority of the balls either out-of-bounds or in a water hazard somewhere.

Know About A R5 DIGITAL Remote Control Golf Trolley

A Remote Control Golf Trolley is a powerful, noiseless and efficient outdoor trolley that is designed to work with a fully functional remote control for your special convenience. If you are tired of carrying your heavy golf bag through the course, then this digital remote control golf trolley can now help you to walk freely without the burden of carrying them with you.

Information About Electric Golf Carts

A golf cart is a small vehicle intended to carry around two golfers and their golf clubs around the golf course. As compared to walking around the ground, with a golf cart one can go around a golf course faster and with less effort.

Golf’s Scoring Shots and Anti-Scoring Shots

We can all figure out that if we hit good golf shots time after time, we will turn in good scores. That doesn’t tell us much, though, because there are so many kinds of shots we need to hit. In order to improve we have to focus our efforts on the shots that really make a difference in our score.

Ann Arbor – The Big House of Michigan Golf Courses

Living in Michigan all of my life has made me come to appreciate the variety and splendor the state has to offer. That same variety and beauty certainly holds true when talk turns to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Speaking from experience, you will not find a more suitable city for great golf courses.

Ladies Golf Clubs and Why Pink Does Not Necessarily Equal The Correct Clubs For You

Ladies do not just pick the golf clubs to use as they come in a pink colour, you have to be careful not to fall into the gender trap. Get some professional advise as to which golf clubs are best for you and make sure you try first.

Get Back Into Golf

With the Winter fading away into the background, and the thought of the upcoming Spring months, now is the perfect time to get back to the golf course. Isn’t it about time you got some long-awaited practice in before the sunny summer months arrive?

Searching for the Perfect Golf Swing: Practice Driving

Searching for the perfect golf swing: Practice Driving Practice Time for Driving Most golfers consider time on the driving range as their way of finding their perfect golf swing.  Learning how to drive the ball farther with the required accuracy will definitely help accomplish perfecting your golf swing, but this shot only accounts for less than 15 % of the total shots taken if you are scoring less than 100.

Golf – Ideal Sport For The Elderly
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Change is the only constant thing and we all undergo change. Wear and tear happens to basically everything and everyone. Life and death maintains this equilibrium; when death comes, life as well appears. From a single-celled organism to a complex one like humans it occurs. Man is probably the most obvious to change. From infancy to toddlerhood to school age to teenage years to the time of one’s adulthood until death it is inevitable. It is up to man how he can deal with change and turn it into something positive and worthwhile.

Best Belly Putters: Improve Your Golf Game

Best Belly Putters describes why many golfers now find it necessary to use belly putters in order to keep up with their game. What a belly putter looks like and how to belly putt is set forth along with practice measures that will make the golfer shine once again. It describes how golfers can totally defeat that famous musical refrain, “Darling, I an growing old.”

Golf Tip 8 – Managing Your Game Under Pressure

Although Tiger Woods had reached no 1 in world ranking in record time, Vijay Singh reached it at 41 years of age. This point must be remembered by all young players who have just begun to play the game.

Golf Tip 5 – The First Experience of a “Good Swing” Does Not Feel That Good

To extract the best from your golf lessons it must be seen as a responsibility that needs to be shared in half between the pupil and the teacher. As with all learning results depend on the participation of the student. The teacher must put forward to the lesson the following knowledge…


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