Sterling Single Length Irons Review

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Sterling Single Length Irons Review (similar to Bryson DeChambeau Irons)

I’ve been wanting to try single length irons for a long time but never found any that I thought were designed to look like better players clubs.

I was introduced to Sterling Irons® by Jaacob Bowden of Swing Man Golf and I was immediately impressed. Finally, a set of single length irons that I liked the look of and designed by Tom Wishon one of the best designers in golf.

This year Bryson DeChambeau has gained popularity by not only doing well on tour but from the fact that he uses single length irons and has done so for years.

To me, the concept makes sense. All of your irons at the same length. This means you only have to do one setup and ball position for all clubs.

Here are even more benefits:

– increased consistency
– increase on center hit consistently
– it’s easier to hit long irons
– you get the same feel with all irons
– they are the same length
– they have the same head weight
– they have the same total weight
– they have the same balance point
– you swing all irons on the same plane

If you are interested in consistency and want a great set of irons I highly recommend you check out the Sterling Single Length Irons.

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