Golf Backswing Secrets

If you’ve played a lot of golf or are just beginning to play then I’m sure you understand that the golf backswing can be pretty complex and is a essential to hitting the ball and scoring well. In actuality, the backswing is not really that complicated, but it is extremely easy to over-complicate it and make things more difficult for ourselves. I’d like to give you a few of my favorite tips for the golf backswing that have really catapulted my game to a higher level and can definitely do the same for yours. Next time you’re on the range just keep these things in your mind and try practicing these techniques and tips before hitting the 1st tee.

Golf Swing Perfection Is Alive and Well

Is the perfect golf swing nothing but a myth? As a golf fan, you probably noticed that each of the greatest players in history had completely different swings, yet each of them was successful. The idea is simple – what works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Some swings may look strange, some may look impossible but your success depends on your ability to produce a repeatable, consistent swing action through practice.

Trying to Improve Your Golf Game? A Good Golf System Could Make All the Difference

After searching high and low I finally found a good golf system that works well for me. My drives are much more consistent and I’m able to keep the ball on the fairway, my putting has improved, and one of my biggest problems, my short game, has improved dramatically. I am now able to chip shots and get out of bunkers a lot better than I was able to before. I also have much more confidence and sharper mental focus. Finding a good golf system and following the steps systematically improved my game a great deal in a very short period of time and now my golf buddies are wondering what I’ve been up to!

Chip Is Close

I have recently been taking golf lessons (weather permitting) at the local golf club. One of the main things I have been working on is my short game- primarily chipping. Having a decent short game can make or break you on the course.

3 Reasons Why Rescue Clubs Will Help You

Have you noticed your long irons are not as consistent as they used to be? You no longer hit your three iron with the same crispness that you did just a few years ago? The answer to that problem has been around for a few years now, but some golfers still are reluctant to give in to an undeniable trend and invest in rescue clubs. There are many reasons why rescue clubs will help you, so let me address a few.

Quick Beginner Golf Drills to Improve Your Golf Game

If you practice golf in right way you can lower your golf score, here we list you few quick golf drills for the beginners. These practice drills are easy and you can do at your home or the in the practice range.

Equipment For Junior Golf Players

It is very important that you are always there to support your junior player in the game of golf. In doing this, you will ensure that he will do good as always. Get the best tools for him all the time for him to perform well too.

Accessories For Golf You Need Now

In choosing the golf cart accessories that you can buy, you will need to make sure that you have the best that you can afford. The tips will guide you to do it the best way. Keep them in mind all the time for you to have a guide.

Golf Tips for New Golfers – 3 Things You Must Know

For those people starting out playing this wonderful game of golf, all the advice and opinions regarding the golf swing must be quite intimidating. If one were to take all that they hear seriously, swinging a golf club must seem more complicated than brain surgery. I have put down a few golf tips for new golfers with the intention of simplifying, not complicating the golf swing.

You’ve Gotta Make Time For Golf

All men who enjoy golf need to take time to play golf each week throughout the summer. I’m convinced of it. As the wife of a very busy husband and as a family therapist, I am convinced that all men need the break and the relaxation that comes from playing a round of nine or eighteen holes of golf. When I was first married I would get frustrated about my husband’s sheer excitement about golf as each spring turned to summer.

How Does the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Differ From a Conventional Golf Swing?

Did you ever notice that there really is no one set of fundamentals when it comes to the golf swing? Doesn’t that tell you something? Even among the pros – some aimed to the left, others to the right and some would go right down the middle. Which is really the best golf swing?

What Are the Best Clubs to Use As an Average Golfer?

Playing the right golf clubs is an important part of playing your best. With all the hype and advertising from manufacturers, trying to determine the best golf clubs for your game can be confusing to say the least. In this article I will cover what are the best clubs to use as an average golfer.

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