Single Plane Golf Swing Tips

How important is the address position? What is “the wall”?

In this video, I asked two of the best young Single Plane Golfers, Reed Howard and Roberto Lebrija, to share a few of their most important Single Plane Golf Swing Tips.

Reed Howard is a professional golfer who, after years of struggling with consistency, rebuilt his game with the Single Plane Golf Swing. Reed admits that he was worried about swing speed but is now reaching speeds of 115 to 118 mph. Reeds advice: Make sure you have a great address position.

Roberto Lebrija is relatively new to the Single Plane Golf Swing. With swing speeds of over 120mph, Roberto was in need of control and consistency. Within just four months, Roberto has gained control and continues to fine-tune his swing positions and motion. Roberto’s advice: Stabilize the lead side into a flexed lead knee and hit “the wall”,

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