Simple Golf Swing Drills For Beginners – #4: Swing Width |

What is swing width? I can tell you it has nothing to do with your feet, watch the video to see what I mean!

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Read below for more ways to improve your game off of the course.

The value of having the right width in your golf swing is not something that would be very obvious to a person that simply enjoys watching their favorite professional players play. However, this is something that you will begin to know and take advantage of as your skill increases. A swing that is too wide would be one of the most common missteps when people first get their hands on a club, this is not something that you should continue to do. Instead, you will need to address this by reducing the club to body distance of your swing and going with an arm motion that is much more fluid. Over swinging happens because people are simply excited to experience the game, but golf swing width should be shorter than extending your arms out as far as they will go.
Start treating the ball like it belongs in a game of golf instead of baseball and you will significant improve the level at which you are able to play.

Golf swing drills are an essential piece of the road to success on the course, this is something that you need to work into your practice routine. When people become better at any given activity, they will often forget the value of the basics. However, golf swing drills are vital to ensuring that you will pay attention to some of the important aspects of having a great swing. Each and every person will have a different journey on their road to becoming a better golfer, but you should not allow yourself to get sidetracked by anything that you may struggle with. Instead, put in the time and effort to ensure that your game is free of these bugs. When you start taking part in these drills, you will develop and maintain skills very quickly.

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