Simple golf swing: 2 thoughts to a better swing! In this video Terry introduces you to the story of the simple golf swing and the simple swing process.

Have you been frustrated over the years with trying to learn the golf swing and just have not gotten anywhere? Are you tired of all the confusion with what you hear on line? Do you want and need a better way to play this game you love? Well, welcome to the simple golf swing network introducing the “2/6” golfer.

In looking in the mirror one day trying to work on something I had heard on line, I noticed something kinda cool. As I was looking down focusing on what ever it was i was working on, I noticed that as I was dropping my arms and keeping my head behind the ball 6 golf swing happened without me totally fixating on them:

1. Takeaway
5.Rotation release
6.Follow through

So I thought surely its more complicated than this. I mean I could have been told this my very first golf lesson! Well long story short over the next 8 months my golf game not only improved, but I was not having to much thought into the mechanics of the swing it was happening automatically!!! Then the simple swing thoughts network was born.

Since this video release golfers all over the world have great success with this process and since then I have branded the network “2/6” golfer. Go to and check out the fastest growing golf network online.

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