Here’s simple golf drill to get your hips moving. The hips are one of the keys to power so if you want to hit the driver longer, and irons more pure, start working on drill like this one at home and at the range. The more you do drills like this one, the better you get your hips moving and hit longer irons and driver.

The great majority of golfers hit the ball solely with the arms. They literally have little to no hip rotation, yet, all pros fire their hips. This means that using the hips is one of the key differences between pros and amateurs.

Start to do this simple golf hip drill as much as you can especially over the winter and you will start to learn how to use them in your swing. This doesn’t mean you do this once and think you have it. Golf drills, positions and movements must be repeated many times until you master them.

So add this simple golf hip drill to your practice and get those hips moving.

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