Simple drill to achieve an on-plane golf swing & Butch Harmon’s advice on footwork

Tiger Woods, Rory McIIroy, Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, Matt Wolff and all great golfers follow the swing plane on the downswing. In this episode, we’ll explain the swing plane in simple terms and provide a swing plane drill to check if your golf swing is on plane.

The journey of our 13 year old and 6 year old learning the game of golf for the first time continues. Watch and learn from their challenges and how to correct the swing flaws. A flaw the 13 year had was getting on his toes on the backswing. Watch Butch Harmon advice’s on footwork to correct this problem.

Swing Plane Drill steps outlined:
1. Stand straight up and hold the club out in front of you. When standing straight up, the swing plane will be parallel to the ground.
2. At set up, the toe of the club is pointing straight up to the sky.
3. Start the backswing and keep your hands centered in the middle of your chest throughout the drill. During the Backswing, the club face will rotate so the face is pointing to the sky when the Backswing is complete and if you are flexible, the club shaft is pointing down the target line.
4. After the Backswing is complete, rotate your body and club face back to the initial set up or impact position.
5. After Impact during the Follow Through, the club face will rotate so the club face is pointing to the ground and the butt of the club is pointing to the target line at Finish.
6. At Finish, the trail foot is on the toe, chest and belly button is facing the target as well as butt of club. Throughout the swing, the club shaft remains at chest level and parallel to the ground. Once you have master this, then slowly lower the swing plane to ball level by bending at the hips.

For our subscribers/gamers, please let us know your swing challenges and we’ll work to include them in our future videos.

See you on the 19th hole!

Sound track provided by Nicolas Laconis IV, DC Productions and Vasil Yasevich.

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