Shooting Under Par From the Tips – Swing Within Yourself & Commit – WAY OF THE PLAYA

I played my 4th round in kanchanaburi at BLUE STAR GOLF COURSE which smacked me across the face by how challenging it was. This is easily me new favorite course. 7200 yards off the back and danger on every shot. It was great to be thinking on every shot because the course forced me too.


Yes, i may have broken par on this nine, but be warned, the second nine was a different story as lack of sleep and a 45 minute halfway stop chatting with my dad took it’s toll.

In this episode of The Way of the Playa: A Fistful of Birdies, the greens were incredibly slow, perhaps running at 8.5 on the stimp. The Korean groups come through and with all the traffic, they have no option but to keep them furry to survive. I really do not like slow greens and find them difficult to putt on.

It’s a new course and still settling in as the carts are used in the fairways and grass is not quite tightly growing into itself.

The main points in breaking par on this first nine from the tips, were:

1. A total immersion in the shot. Identify what you need to do and commit 100% to it. Not 50% or 90% but 100%
You see the effects of NOT doing this on hole number 6.

2. Swing WITHIN YOURSELF. This is the smoothest my swing has looked in some time. I took one more club on a lot of shots and swung easy. i hit harder shots with the clubs I was more confident with like the 6 iron.
THIS IS THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between this nine and the second nine which you can compare to. By swinging within yourself, the irony is you hit it longer very often, but more importantly, with WAY MORE control!

3. To break par, greens are important. I mean it goes without saying that you need to make putts to make birdies and to make putts you need to be on the green under regulation. If the greens were a bit quicker, I really liked my chances of making one or two more putts too.

4. you need an accurate driver and a go-to club on the tougher tighter holes especially on new courses like this which make you uncomfortable on every tee shot.

5. Commitment is key!

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