Here’s an simple drill you can be doing to shallow your swing plane and stop coming over the top. You get this, and you will hit your driver longer and irons straighter.

So many golfers I teach come swing over the top. This type of action doesn’t allow the club to shallow or flatten the downswing plane. This over the top move creating a glancing blow cutting across the ball. Couple this with an open face you you get a huge slice.

So many golfers try to cure this over the top swing but to no avail. Here is a simple drill you can be doing at home, at the range and even when play. Once you start doing this regularly you will train yourself to shallow your plane and start making more direct contact with the ball. For driver this will lead to longer drives and for irons you will make more solid contact hitting your irons pure.

So try to keep this simple drill in mind into the future. If you learn to shallow your swing plane and stop coming over the top you will take your game to a whole new level.

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