Senior Golfers create flexibility & power to gain more distance – Gary Gilchrist

The Swingclick is the HOTTEST new device in golf! It offers you a real opportunity to change your game by improving your timing, rhythm, tempo and consistency.

-The Swingclick is aimed at improving your golf swing tempo, rhythm, timing and consistency.
-The device clicks at the top of your backswing, at impact and finish, giving you a frame of reference of the ideal tempo of a great golf shot.
-It teaches you to CONSISTENTLY set the club in the same position at the top of your back swing, finish your backswing and smooth out your transition.
-By learning to swing the club instead of hitting the ball, it will allow you to create optimum club head speed, instead of maximum speed, resulting in better accuracy.
-It’s simple and easy to use and works for everyone, from beginners to Pros.

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