Rick Shiels Vs Peter Finch | £500 Golfbidder Secondhand Challenge

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This is it the fifth and final second Hand golf bitter challenge myself Rich Hills versus Peter Finch we're gonna Play a match play you know the rules It's 18 holes ideally you should know by Now [Music] [Music] What a shot [Music] Oh wow [Music] All right guys welcome back Rick Shields versus Peter Finch golf Bitter challenge it is back baby Yeah I'm excited about this one we are Down here at St George's Hill an Unbelievable venue and yesterday we Selected our weapons of choice you know The format of golf bitter challenge it's Not been around for a few years but it Is back yesterday we went to golf with a HQ and spent 500 pounds each On our chosen golf clubs and we had a Little twist as well yeah I think this Is going to be the swing club in so many Respects so we picked each other's Putter I been the lovely nice guy that I Am thought deeply and sincerely about What Rick might like to play whilst Rick Thought he'd just massively screw me Over I was going to give you a Left-handed putter at one stage but yeah We are here golfbid is back we are going

To go and play a match play challenge Here at St George's Hill Um it's been a number of years just Just remind me I start 10 shots under Par right that's this video Um I mean I was willing to give you 12. I think because of that Pusser I think We should just play off off scratch now To be honest with you we are going to Play it off scratch and we are going to Play Match play no shots given no other Twists and without further Ado I think It's just time To let battle commence it's been a while Peter it's been a while it has Good luck I've never been squared up to On a golf course before let's go be sure To like And subscribe guys go and jump Off to beat and like And subscribe there As well and let's heat up And may the best man with you play well Mate enjoy [Music] Thank you Okay I am excited about this one I really am I'm happy with my club choices I am They're a on screen this is what we Picked yesterday Cobra F9 drivers back In the bag very and I've been hitting on The Range it feels good tight the Stallions I've got a Cleveland wedge in There Wilson wedge

Ping I-20 hybrid is Pink Sounds like he's got some speed back There and Pete picked me which I think Was very fair two ball blade Odyssey Putter so I'm excited I'm intrigued A tiny bit nervous it's been a while it Has I've been doing a lot more breaks 75 But I've not played match play for a Long time I think the goal of today Is to at least get through nine holes And then we'll see what happens from There but yeah I'm excited I think I've got a chance I do I think I've got This I'm very excited to actually use these Irons I've been hitting them in the net And there they felt really really cool The putter we'll see Hey listen if you Hit the Green in one part fours you Could trip up that's the way I'm Thinking about it my wedges are actually Like pretty Elite so these could be a Little bit of a secret weapon and I Think we Rex clubs Like his wages are garbage and the last Time I played with him ice chipping Wasn't great So that could be the Difference Maker Here Am I odd or even number you're pretty Odd mate if I'm being honest with you Yeah can we go first or second uh you Know what I'll go first okay I'll leave This off play it off the whites play off

The whites yeah he's back now I'm really Hoping this stuff I can't remember I can't remember this hole at all I mean I guess it's just down the dip it's down The dip and slightly left Okay just as we're about to tee off the Wind has just started to pick up Okay come on my people let's do it All right What a shaft that's a difficult Yeah when I said a little cut I wasn't Quite envisaged in that but that's not a Lot that sounded fantastic by the way It might be the castle clubhouse that Made it Echo but that was good I'm Excited to see this driver you blew all Your budget on this Yeah let's hope everybody works okay Straight down I want to finish it the Same point of view as yours A bit high fade I was high that wasn't It simmer down that's it It bounced it's okay slightly down the Right hand side I think there's a lot of Wind off the left Because that shouldn't have faded as Much as mine didn't I don't think yours Should have faded as much as yours did No no mine should have actually ended up On the green course there but it's come Back I saw the mat Yeah it's good to be back [Music] Okay second shot into Par Four Pete's in

Great position in the middle of the Fairway I've not hit that greatest tee Shot to be honest to kind of thread up In the wind so I'm gonna have to hit This Ping I-20 little rescue club I must Admit this was a last minute choice in The set Let's hope it delivers Settle I don't know what's over there it should Be good for distance I struck it well I Don't think it's not far enough to get The trees I don't think so yeah short The trees but might leave myself a tough Shot in That hybrid I must admit it was a rogue Choice because I do do that with hybrids Quite a lot hit it to the left I should have allowed for that touch Yeah Pete when did you learn Twitter Itself bloody long well that was my Warm-up drive as well I've never got him Ace uh no 87. 97 what Was it I just at the bunker I'm all Nervous mate right took about one just Under 170 185 to the back Little six iron I'm thinking straight Into wind Just slightly punch tiny bit of a fade Be pretty disappointed it's outside 12 Foot really Well 12 foot from the green It should catch a bit I'm guessing I've Got a Feeling there's a big Bank

There I hope there's a big Bank How to be decided inside of Emirates to Get that on the Green Okay third shot into this green I've Pulled it to the left I've got quite a Big bank to play down it's a two-tier Green and actually looks like the green There's a lower half that's on the right And the upper half that's on the left I've got to be on that upper half I Think if it starts getting too Aggressive and going down that Hill It's an impossible one put never mind Two it's a crazy green that Like a mid Mackenzie going the other way It is Bigger teeth in go on hit that slope Come back Very nice yeah I'll take that I'll take That wasn't a million miles away from Where I was wanting to land it And luckily it stayed just past the pin And didn't go down the slope yeah lovely I'll take that I wasn't an easy shot Well I missed that big slow powers on them You were good for distance peak of the Distance yeah all right This is a really really interesting Green Just gotta like get into that slope and Let it run but Let's not lose wedges for the first time

Which one did you go Cleveland OH you're At Callaway With your gap wedge or your love wedge Uh got Callaway with my lob wedge the Only thing with this is I think somebody Maybe rather eight foot four used to use This club so It's a slightly long for a lot of that Enough to play quite Upright Just gonna land it just on the green let It let it roll down That was very very nice Tony it's a beautiful touch and that my Friend is a gimme four I've always liked Really long clubs to be honest Okay so to halve the whole little eight Footed down the hill I don't actually see ridiculous amounts Of break Okay it's a half the whole A hole that don't really feel like I've Been in evolved a lot in just yet so Come on Leave it short Ah that's annoying well lucky mate That's soft white white hot insert Oh man I need to give it a wrap this Time here I'm lucky man First hole Pete wins with a par and goes One up oh why didn't I hit that [Music] Okay second hole par three it's a beaut It's only 114 yards

Um but doesn't particularly mean it's Easy anything short it's going to roll Down the hill and you're going to be Hitting almost a full shot back in for Your second slightly into Breeze but You're protected from the trees it Doesn't feel like it is but it's Definitely blowing up there I love I Love Pathways like this it's a beautiful Holidays don't don't need it to be long To be special Oh it looks very dividing that flag as Well what are you going to go with Pete Well Gonna have to be a pitching wedge so I'm Not going to get there with 54. It's 111 so it's like a three quarter One into this Breeze okay Sounds good still done it See what actually comes out It's a great strike look the distance Okay yeah I thought it should be nice That Yeah these irons just like slightly more Upright than what I'm used to it's funny Because mine are tied a bit flat you Want to do swapses Right I'm gonna go pitching wedge as Well but I'm not quite sure it's three Quarter I feel it's almost a full one I'm gonna try and flight it down a Smidging Oh I wasn't confident over that step Away Rick sit down step away

Ah I just really stood over it I was Like what am I doing here what would This this hole like that is your Shot as well I should have really Stepped away from that I'm annoyed Myself there I've missed the green right And that's going to be a very tricky Shot it doesn't look very nice Looks like a side of a mountain to be Honest with you but To go [Music] This ain't good Oh Rick nightmare Of it a real Wayward shot I've got a Bank Higher than a two-story building to get Up and over no idea where the flag is It's not a particularly very nice angle Down here Up and down needed At least at least your lie is good at Least it's flat do you want a line I Could do it Like 15 foot beyond me On that line there yeah okay thanks mate Yep that that tree basically That was a bit right of you I'm like Okay that's as nice as zombie That's all all the help I'm giving you All right Pete's very kindly give me a Line from down here What a bad shot anyway gotta forget

Those things I always think magic shots always happen After a terrible one And that last one was really terrible so Let's hope here comes the magic Too hard sit sit sit Do you want to be do you want me to be Honest mate If you thought that was odd you just Wait till your next one ah I just have to I couldn't notice it hard To get up the hill Okay come from one side to the other Pete's just chilling on the green with His pup for birdie basically it's Gotta Go in No bells and whistles about it Tough little one over the bunker Let's go on to the next hole [Music] I thought it goes against all my Instincts it's only 340 yards but I don't think he's a driver I think it's an iron You're going driver I'm gonna go driver Yeah I think one for just a little bit of Venting of frustration okay and two I'm Not actually sure what's down there I I think I'm if I remember either is a Massive bunker just short the green okay But I don't know how far away it is it is Kind of into wind a bit still isn't it

Sorry for my start everybody I'm sorry I know listen you know I'm a Batman player that's just how if I get To the back night Right so you're gonna go with Ryan yeah Three iron I can't remember last time It's a three Quite a big offset on that I'm going to Try one of them draw things on it Just ride the PIN Yeah it's a great strike Oh I think it's a great strike that's Did it feel as good as it sounded I Think I might have just made a new best Friend I think I felt unreal that sounded really Naughty oh my God my 20s okay I'm gonna Go driver Foreign Should be all right Yeah Felt middle ish Okay good tea shop Pete with the three Iron there yeah prime location there was Actually no real trouble down here but This has left yourself a nice full shot In off the top of the plateau yeah I'm Just a bit Twitchy about that pin Because that is like right at the back Yeah it does look 120. What was that last path through 111 I Was playing about yeah one for me to ask Me on that one but yeah

Your Collective yardage on that hole was Was impressive Um I think probably saying shot it's Like a little three-quarter wedge Don't go over the green it's the only Thing Leave it slightly short It's cracking strike is it good for Distance Oh yeah it's very nice yeah just a tiny Bit short it was a little bit tentative It's batch play I mean it's a tentative For like it's Thursday morning of a Stroke player come on Okay after a good drive I've got 68 Yards left in as Pete rightly said the Pin's so far back of the uh the green That anything beyond that feels gonna be Dead you think you fly or try and run it A touch I'm gonna try and hit the green I'm not I'm not sure Rick's in the best Headspace right now I feel like you're just a nice struck Half swing with this Not going to try and change the flight Too much Ah Ricky Shields Ah damn That was bad That was bad Some things don't change Pete a bit Steep on that I must admit when you were over that you Said a half swing I was like well this

Is going long it has to if it's if it's A Rick I know okay third shot after Finding the bunker really bad red shot There That's right Nice Shot thank you very good I'm good One after purposely fat it I join it Pete pop out if you can Paul Thank you All right birdie Port up the hill Kind of Rick started to go a little bit Right at the end so I think it's just Going to move a tiny bit that way not Had a lot of practice with the spot so Far All right All part of my game plan Go down that Hill go go go what a line It was looking bang gone oh a lion it Was looking really good Repeat after me Pete it is March in England March in England Right Classic no marker Oh You do have a marker hey it is only Because I wanted to shop and got one Although I don't want to show I didn't Want to show myself up with the tea Right come on Rick for par down the hill Right to left Great pot good up and down that way Caught an edge Got a nice Edge okay

A power on the score card the game Starts now The game starts now right Pete for half Um now as we sent it shaft to put us it Was around this distance where I was a little bit fruity But I'm a lot older now I'm an experienced golfer now all right You got this No issues whatsoever whole halved in Fours Pete still two up through three All right guys fourth hole 427 yard Par Four and every bit of it today the whole Slightly dug legs up to the left there's A bunker there on the left which I don't think he's going to be in range But anyway right or beyond that is Perfect I don't remember it being this Silly Have you been playing a lot of buggy Golf start this year I'm out bro Possibly yeah well he walks three holes And also Pete is called St George's Hill For a reason because yeah it's got some Hills around there right All right I'm gonna Try and not fade this as much Okay if you do that that's fine let's do It shorter just drifting I think Bounced into Heather yeah I think the wind's a little bit more That way I think It's a big heavy man that was Bloody Fast Peter Finch I'll just

Crossed in the capabilities you know What you're cruising up these days oh Just a soft 120 but it is marked sir Let me warm up a little bit yeah yeah me Too me too right I only got just to the Right that bunker little draw be perfect If not Middle of that way Oh get off at wins as well Same direction pretty much Well let's go meet Heather she's a She's a tough mistress Clingy Clingy [Music] [Music] Well Would you Adam and Eve it you've done me I always thought I was a slightly longer Yeah about by about four inches we both Hit it miraculously right here in the Heather Um it's not as Tangled in his face as it Can be certainly during the summer Months or during the summer it's going To be airing yeah you probably wouldn't Even find it but both next to each other Both hitting second shots into this Green One six two Bit uphill win Jimmy to Market You're gonna be sudden now you'll be Fine I'll be all right just remember not To chase after it

One six two You just know now it's going to come out Of it that's the problem I could take a bit more clubbination and Then it'll fly and Goes a very expensive window over there So I'm thinking Just an eight iron at it it gets Something great pins at the back again It's gonna score around up there big False front as well so okay A little bit left of the pin will be the Worst thing in the world That's come out so well It doesn't look long though It's quite short that's it Squashed into the front of the bank it Think about half yeah I did eat that Pretty well So I'm gonna go seven iron yeah Still think I need all of this seminar To get back there It's a bit of a bang behind as well Oh dot there Ricky Bunker oh that really did have some Shape on it I think it might have Grabbed a bit that Heather's not thick But just grabs like the hustle of the Club ah really fancied that as well That's the peak coming up slightly short I still don't think to be honest I think Pete probably needed seven I probably Needed six in hindsight Bunker short left okay


Found the bunker and it's semi-flogged Ah now to some degree I've got lots of Green to work with So tell us a positive Um Yeah I need to get this up there get it Back Not an easy shot So I've got to go left therefore I've Got to bring this Heather into the shot [Music] It's a good shot Right shot [Music] It's pretty pretty good from that what Was the what was the ish that was it was Plugged ah Then I have to bring the Heather into it So I might have to almost like and then I'm on a slopes I couldn't get speed got It so I had to like draw I almost hook It Yeah that wasn't easy successful Execution I'd say yeah happy with that Result We've got a hell of a uphill put here It's gonna take a bit of a while he left Self a nice put there Rick actually Australia deal that was a real challenge I went to Market uh yes please I thought it'd be social We've been very social on this How many times So

Have a good old Showdown do we Find a flat stick face off that's what I Wanted Okay the power That's again I'm hopefully putting a bit Of pressure Up the hill firm Oh wow wow it's just it kind of started Right and it just got a worm yeah That would have been a good up and down Thanks uh good up and down from that Bunker I feel like I've just given Pete a Little read there as well well At least then there's a tiny bit of left Right then Never in doubt never in doubt did my Port give you a bit of a read I will not Hold that if I was in your book Because like that was outside left about There yeah I kind of went left lip Obviously wasn't enough good putt-power Really good my tactic obviously worked On that always That's what I was going for I don't want To bend down and read it myself so Ah Okay fifth hole part three down the hill Playing decent length today 197 yards Pins at the front I mean this whole Could play anywhere between 190 and 220. Um Pete's honor it's three up through Four now

It's time right it's time too much time Are you gonna hit Pete Um I think well after I struck that Three iron off that Tee I'm thinking This three iron yeah just Looks like there's a bit of space to the Right of the green if I miss it so I think it's a center with a cut Like it send it Uh Flights this is looking absolute money Go in the hole Oh Peter Finch I must admit that might Be the best shot of it this year so far That was That made me feel things in places I Shouldn't made me feel things in places I shouldn't That was emotional Just want to say thank you to everybody For being here for that I'm not sure what to do now Because if that's your three hour I Can't get there with Ryan that that was Pure as well I struck that probably as Well as I could be Okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna have to go Hybrid Um because I can't get there with three Iron So basically hold it for the win okay I Like it I fancy those chances I'm just gonna draw around Come on

Simmer Oh Such a good charge I know I just you Know what it's one like I hit it so hope Yours like I was gonna get there with You iron yeah if you're anything if you Went four I would have gone three But I think that oh God that felt Mega But yeah it's gone slightly big Needed a high floaty one and I didn't Quite have that in the locker [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Well Peter that was quite an exceptional Golf shot yes man that was decent I had Everything you called it it had the Flight it stopped within a couple of Yards well not even there not even a Yard Bit thin but it's fine Don't talk about it if I struck it Perfectly would have gone in but just Misread it okay so I went through the Back of the green after absolutely Nailing that hybrid I really did hit it As good as I could hit it so I've got no Huge grumbles so I don't think I could Have got there with your iron back of The green I've got a chip in basically Let's be honest it's a 52 degree And I run it up loads of green to work

With Chase out That's it man it's wonderful for Distance yeah very good it always went a Little bit right on me Can only now pray that Pete doesn't Block his birdie pot even though deep Down I'm competitive I am I'd also quite like To see him make birdie because that was An epic three iron to this green That was a nice man thanks pal It's one of those ones where you You've got to hold it so you might as Well yeah it just gives you a bit of a Different mindset doesn't it if you go For it a bit more Right PR For one of the best birdies I think I'd be quite honestly saying This the channel might have ever seen Part three down the hill 200 yards Cutty High floaty three iron It's a five foot It'll also be a nice steady par as well I wanted to think about it I just it's one of those where it Doesn't look like yeah that's straight It's just a straight pump just hit it It's gone left As well Oh Okay Silence uh is that silence is that okay

Your Mark is fine absolutely Yeah do you don't worry about your mind Respect that ball marker as well you Don't worry about marker my friend right I just don't laugh okay a lifeline A bloody lifeline Let's see if we can capitalize Yeah good damn it thank you very good See it do you know what I mean mind Games and all that I'll just have to see It okay Okay no he's gonna hold it come on he's Miss puts like this I'll remember that Ricky boy listen I'm Clutching at straws my friend I'm Clutching it strong I will remember Hold half in threes On to the next could be vindictive Sometimes I can [Music] Okay six hole in the March par five First one we've encountered 534 yards uh Beautiful hole again so good I mean dead Straight Couple of Face bunkers up the right looks like You're in someone's back Garden if you Go left so straight down the beautiful Fairway it's on you my friend yeah If I feel like it shouldn't be on me After that off I feel like you may have just got a Little bit of momentum from that I Needed that that was a that was a big

Hole that Par five I know there's like a few bunks out There it's actually quite It's quite a wide hole this year Wind off the left Oh That's in the Roadies I think Oh I struck that well Passing my seven nine Right I may be taking revision off uh I've had a slight consideration to hit Seven iron But no I'll do it no I don't yeah it's not Actually as wide open I thought today I Hate driving straight down there Oh my goodness that was the biggest Hunting last week A sorry bounce Uh Oh I thought it bounced It wasn't going left I think that was a Certainty if certainties in life that Was one of them oh there are meet up for Hours drive There's 108 yards between them too Ah Phone balanced I'm safe provisional Three That's a rocket That's a rocket Good drive Pierre Thanks I can't wreck I need I need to

Feels like a big moment in my life what I mean I think I thought maybe slightly Too much pressure on myself so let's Chill it out That should that I should have hit that More confidently I should have just Nutted it straight down the middle but Anyway I saw it bounce up the right hand side In the trees if I can hack it out and Make power from where I am There's a chance I should win this hole Come on I really need to get this back [Music] Yeah I'm looking for the green Going left Oh yeah yeah yeah just nut it straight Through that okay Right ladies and gentlemen After the worst anti-lustering I've ever Hit in my life I found myself here in The trees I do however Have a window of Hope a window of Possibility I'm 304 yards left of the Flag there's nowhere obviously going for The greens I'm gonna try and smash the Seven iron straight through that Gap and Get back on The Fairway Trees are 90 air right Oh Oh Ah As recovery shots go that was pretty

Pretty beautiful Should have done this first time should I really That was a bit silly got two 20 left Because I think I'll just go back to my Three iron ago It's like just not letting me down the Best could be back Whenever I'm in trouble for each of the Three iron that will never got Pete uh 220. oh this is your throne every day of Course it's I think I would say that for Every shot I think that was a nice job By you that was very nice as the Recoveries go that was up there And I've had plenty of practice Right Well it'd be rude not to hit a little Cut in there Just did that same team That looks like quite a big slope on the Right actually doesn't it [Music] Skinny but it might get there travel Yeah it's a bit off the bottom Not bad missed out it's okay I didn't want to lose a hole though Chipping with him Oh it's 146. I think it's an eight iron Okay third shot into his par five I'm 146 yards away Slightly into Breeze I wanted to hit Nine

But I feel cold slightly to breeze it's Going to be a little a tying Not a hard one Dry for the distance get on it [Laughter] Good boy It's taking a while people what happened In them Woods over there found some Magic mushrooms It's it's in there It's in there thank God that felt really Good just gotta leave myself that shot In all the time basically let her play What was it a little little chippy eight It'll be better if I thinned it just a Little bit more Gotta hold it really I don't think I don't think it's got a three put from There so This for a second ball five Okay chip it About halfway on So release right to left [Music] I've pulled it Pulled it that's some real bite on it Sign the quality ball striking Okay Nice little chip in there Peter yeah I brought my Potter over to be sociable But um Presuming I'm not gonna need it well Hopefully not Um downhill left to right for birdie

Yeah cool I'll see you birdie we've not Had one yeah we've not I believe soccer Pete For God's sake that's of course It's Tricky Okay down the hill left to right pretty Much all the way For the first birthday Foreign Absolutely nothing Silence Thanks pal right I'll buy me time ah it Was a bit of a weak pot hold one with a Five Back to two down Let's try and get this let's try and get This back to level front line that's the Plan a couple of holes to get I feel Like the flow is coming back into my Favor Our seventh hole powerful slight bug leg To the right and some bunkers way down There which I'm certainly not gonna Threaten people might sniff out might Have to choose differently than the Driver a lot I don't know I don't know Um okay Come on that's nag you're my baby Let's get you back in let's get you back In the Fairway Yeah a bit high off the face but should Be good A bit towey again just a bit High off the face

That should be fine it's all right Can't be having Rick getting any Confidence in his game because that's When he gets a little bit dangerous [Music] Boom Boom boom boom I think this could be the style like a Really special relationship that was Absolutely I don't know if it's just like being Surrounded by trees all the time but it Sounds unreal as well that was seriously Munched Nice Okay [Music] Nice and distance got there now Peter Finch I must remember slightly Towing slightly High as well no spin it's like 40 yards Between us Um okay anyway it means I can hit in First Uh so it was tactics all about attack Tactics got you I could have hit it Further than you thought Easy peasy Okay um Quite a bit away 175 it's a hell of a Pin that ain't it one seven part five There's only three yards behind that pin Uh Slightly down Breeze

Which is weird because last old wasn't Really down Breeze was it I'd say Swirling the classic swirling sorry wins I think I think it's a chippy seven Little chippy drawy seven into that back Pin We're playing lots of little lockdown Shots nowadays not really you know what Peter This might not surprise you I have a variety of different shops at Different inconsistent levels It's like I've got a toolbox yeah it's Really really messy and unorganized you Don't quite know where you're gonna pull Out so they're in all the tools at some Point are in there okay I just don't Know which one's gonna come out all the Time going for a spanner come out with An allen key So I'm gonna go middle of the green and Just draw it in slightly low flighted Seven iron Foreign Oh God that struck that well I don't think I had enough fat looking At that I think I've possibly needed six tricky One I hit that as well as I could have Hit it it didn't quite draw and didn't Get to the back pin but we're putting We're on the Green That is a really awkward distance that

124 Same issue as Rick's got really it's Downwind Swirling about a touch It's got to be a little wedge There's a cheeky little Bank behind the Pin that um kind of iron up and down I'm Not sure I wanna Quite Go all the way over there to talk to it But I might just have a flirt from across The Fairway Just don't want to be hitting that bank Before and coming down Just a little wedge Get on it Oh wonderful wonderful shot Got clap I got That might not have come through the mic We could do that and edit right That was good Okay Third shots into this green Johnson left or yeah leave it in power Good shot of yours cheers Kind of look like it almost danced just Past the hole and had loads of spin Ah Just shows you can still get lots of Spin with secondhand grooves kids All right Big right to left swing input this huge

Uphill so I have to give it a real good Hit Go Ah Just needed it in Not sure if I could actually hit it that Much harder Had a lot of little jumps unfortunately Didn't quite get rolling Kind of feel it should come a little bit Right to left not loads but The thing with these uphill puts and we Just both struggling to hit them on the Thing So you've just come back from Sawgrass I've come back from the middle of the Desert We ain't over there anymore Pete for birdie To get back for three up in this match It's looking good with this Potter Annoying Literally said it You know what I'm actually disappointed With you though What were we just saying Take it away in for four this for the Half right to left Firm It's rallied Well thank you well in oh it's a good Purpose today good evening Amanda good Putter that I've needed the power pots Right onto the next two down moving on

To the eighth Hole in the match part four slight dog Like well not even how they call it dog Light just kind of smooth around the Corner here Um 417 yards again the wind's been Really interesting aren't it yeah it Feels like down off the right now Of course right now I feel like this is Really suiting your eye and it does mine To be fair Should have some good t-shirts though See if I can get this past 250. I'm managing my expectations I think down the right is where we need To be yeah Um Oh oh You see that kid yeah I wasn't a good Kick was it What are you doing I know we're just Joking about it but I now actually don't Think that's gone past 250 yards might Have pitched past 250 yards but it's Come back a good 50. oh that was leaky Really fancy that t-shirt as well it's Not a weird one Hold on to you Hats ladies and gentlemen strap yourself In Yeah that's it I think you recall might be faster Yeah that's bloody well here well I'm Definitely getting a bit more confidence

With it I can tell not very professional But I did get to the top of that swing And my mind went expletive hit it It worked Okay More tree trouble Have I got a gap Uh Negative After your last shot I'm excited to see Right okay last time I had actually got You can see the pin though I can't see The flag I mean this was 50 yards further down it Has Woburn 18th hole vibes Now you've got to channel the Woburn Spirit right you just gotta see it and Believe it I'm not quite sure Rick there's no shame okay there's no Shame in hitting an on YouTube shot here I just feel like there must be there Must be something I'm not seeing There's a gap there somewhere come on no Right uh Watch out what I'll do He's just not going to go through there Is it I'm gonna have to wedge it out I Am I'm sorry everybody I know I know but sometimes You've got to take the medicine You've got you've got to give yourself The chance path all right There's no shame in laying up sometimes Kids just

No shame of laying up on a powerful no Just got to play your own game There's no there's no guarantee that I'm Going to have a birdie my own game would Have been Go for it Okay gut wage play it out Yeah sure The correct choice I think right it Hurts me inside it really does but we're Back in the Fairway 134 yards from a third Still not past Peter's golf ball yet So I'm gonna hit a pitching wedge Wind Red Go for distance it's a bit pulley Under 111 yards left Only real worry here is we just had a Banana So it's controlling the distance after Such a Jet fueled snack I'm thinking half a pitching wedge I can talk this through Half a pitching wedge Just after the PIN to the right One bounce a little bit grab spin it Left Spent Oh don't Bloody banana Big mistake big mistake Stay away from him because

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Yeah not quite the shot I pictured but It's okay Pete's on in two I'm on in three So I need something All right spectacular to happen here I Need to hold mine I'll somehow I need pizza three pop Quite far in all cylinders yet I'm a Batman player though Luckily for me I'm going to get onto the Back nine just and then hopefully I set The world on fire That's the point At the moment I'm gonna try and Salvage A half out of this hole Wow be really aggressive with these Books really aggressive I'm just gonna let you put a marker on It momentarily Well I feel after Chipping out from the trees this would Vindicate that decision a little bit I Feel like if this goes in Come on Be left having nightmares all night Thinking what about if I went for it What about Was there a Gap I mean I'm generally quite an optimistic Person and that canopy was close to you That it was right off the left-hand side I'm gonna be aggressive get it to the Hole watch it drop in It's got it it's got it oh

That's a great form right Hold on the standard four I thought it Was the right decision it's a standard Four you did the right thing well Peter Well oh well Very good Right Another half That's just gone straight right [Music] Oh [Music] Great great Well I hope this next door's drivable [Music] Saw Hold on Wally Ah Isn't much by an interesting format Bricks now one down Through eight Sorry Pizza Well welcome back Ninth hole Wanting it how do you feel Peter Uh right now Listen I've hit I think two decent puts So far today they've just gone In a completely different direction than I wanted to I'm still pretty calm I'm Still Mostly stable I'm pretty sure I'm going To knock it on this 400 yard Par Four I'm fine

It's fine I've let it go already Told the path for dog leg to the right 390 yards it's not the yellow flag we Can see it's right of that to the right Yeah Do you want to start on that yellow flag And just play a little baby fade Okay that's gonna sound pretty good in These trees Pretty good I'd say so I think you possibly needed a little bit I think with your distance that's not a Good line a little bit more cut I think You can cut it more or go Or go go at it that way which might just About get him on the green if he goes Straight over the trees what's your plan That's gonna absolutely smash it okay Sorry okay it's gonna smash it I'm gonna Give him a bit of space Emotionally and physically That's a great drive it's going to Finish on that yellow flag of the other Green Really nice drive Yeah Okay second shot here into the ninth After a really nice tee shot needed a Little fade and managed to deliver it Pete's just a few oh lit on camera that Looks a long way away but in reality It's like three yards four yards or Something and so I've got

130 yards left to the flag Pins kind of back left I like a little pitching wedge Got a funny feeling the wind's just well It's not a funny feeling I can tell the Wind's just helping us touch I'll be the number If that's got back enough That should be good If it's pin High If it's flowing far enough we should Having a nice look at birdie there Fingers crossed Hmm Right 97 yards uphill But downwind It's got to remember I'm playing all Right It's my mistakes more than anything that I'll let him Rick into it so Let's go play my game A few deep breaths Diff this All right 54 degree I'm trying to land this just right at The hole Get on it be good Thumbs up similar to Rick's Right we've got a putting company this Time I'm gonna come out on top [Music] Right two pots to birdie Cool you get a nice shot there Peter

Just you're a lot more screwed than I Did it got right up there and it kind of Screwed right there Yeah I'll I'll remember that for the Back now So up the hill right to left Two good looks at it really Gotta Give It speed I'll say can we get Into the oh this is getting to the hole It's a birdie Uh you know what though I actually Genuinely don't feel that was my fault Thank you he took a bit of a bobble Halfway I thought that was really good Thought then It was bang online I couldn't have read It any better In for four That would have really We're doing popping champagne after Night if that would have gone to be Honest with you so right okay would have Called it I think honorable half I just got it got Another celebration however you've got This for birdie yeah and a real bounce Back opportunity To go two up through nine It's not moved how did that not break Tell you what though that's about two Inches past the hole Don't want to brag but another you can Pick that up please look it up nine Holes played

Score is just one one up to Pete With the nine hole to come But first let's come grab some food [Music] Hello are you okay Oh looks like some sausage rolls So we've got some We shall take all of the sausage rolls Please Thank you what the rest of the guy's Gonna Okay Peter it's part of the the channel We like to review and analyze sausage Rolls as you imagine from all different Parts of the world I could imagine yeah I mean just just to give the audience a Bit of context That I mean that is Meaty yeah I think there's a few things You're looking for first of all you've Got the Nice little bit of crunch yeah in the Pastry and something sat there too long You see it's been cooked out well nice A Little bit of caramelization at the end I know you're good at this if you Actually look like really close at the Cross section here of the said sausage You can see the marbling so the fat Which is in there should just melt on The tongue and if do I see a hint of Mustard Cheers

[Laughter] [Music] Hmm [Music] That a really good flake profile that's What I like to call it The challenge is I can't fit it all in My mouth Mom Takes a few times That's beautiful succulent tasty that's A good word meet it waited that's a Solid that's a solid 9.3 I mean I've not Been I've not been there when you've Tested your other sausage rolls So this would rank very highly for me Stick it and stick it in the top Right so we're all fed watered and ready To go now there's three nine whole golf Courses there's the blue course which We've just been on the red cars and the Green course we were Going to switch now onto the red course With about nine however maintenance work Has happened and the greens have just Been sanded and whole time so for your Viewing pleasure and for our experience We're all back on the same nine again The blue course so you know the holes by Now everybody you guys watching and also Mean people do you know what sweat's Back it's right one In it I feel like I've lost everything since

That sat down it's everything now Because we know the holes as well yeah There's no no sketches so tenthal Par Four Hundred thirty one yards about nine eh I Never thought I'd see the bat nine so This is everything from this point Forward for me is is a result uh This way Nice Shot thank you that's a fade as Well and that's all I do these days Really I mean it's a 220 arcade that didn't go Very far did it it didn't go any far Right I thought Oh no not against you I thought you'd Just be vibing a bit more with that Drive I kind of floated in I don't think It's quite optimized for me but right Peter Drive My last bit float as well it isn't to Win though isn't it that's going up as It's just about to pass my golf ball but Two in the Fairway all right The only slight challenge we know in the Golf course now you know where not to Hit it yeah you know where all the Dangers are like right is just not not Your place anymore is it Four or three Material three Yeah it's a bit wind's quite cold as Well so three iron drill it straight

Into the flag keep it slightly left of It Simmer Yeah it's okay though I'm guessing That's going to pin hard left my with That fly as well it might run down a Touch just came out a bit a little bit Fiery it wasn't quite meaning twist it That well I'm trying to acquire a Similar shot really yeah Miss left if Anything I'm gonna go one last four iron Came right out of it grab a bit Well not sure down there no it's not Going to be easy wherever it's finished Up Problem we've got A little bit of a downslope And I've got that massive slope just Before the PIN And it's really hard to run it up a Slope out of a bunker Which means might have to try and fly it All the way and it's quite a long bunker Shot And I've not hit a bunker shot With this 58 degree wedge yet To run it Or to flight it Just fight it I'm gonna land this Just right Yeah come on Ah Yeah oh it's it's okay it's okay not an Easy shot but

It's kind of hard to commit to a Full-blooded sandwich Okay so after my second shot into this Green so that's just rolled towards the Back Edge Um not far off parking in summer it Might have even kind of clambered around And come back on but this is all right I'm happy with this it's got this kind Of little hump to get over and it Filters down I'm going to put it from This Position off the green you know I'm Going to try something new Well I'll put her off the grid I'm Putting it from there Um the gamble is just not absolutely Tonking it I just want to kind of get it rolling Down that Hill Come on You know the rule about an army you've Got to get it to the hole yeah Not quite sure on this one Oh Great effort had a real look in there And for a moment in time So I've just about boxed it let's put Thanks pal Were you in a tricky spot down there Yeah it's just this Ridge it's just this Ridge but As well it's going to move right Up the slope and it's going to come back

To the left What a slope it is For someone who's been struggling to get The ball to the hole today this isn't Really what I wanted to say It's like a defensive wall like Castle Like a ramp I could probably slam don't get face it Hard enough up that slope Yeah no Silly really I think the hard thing is Actually when you come up that hill Everything in past is actually down down As well again it's very difficult to Judge that speed She's got to literally hit it up what Pete was coming up that hill as soon as He gets to there it's actually sharp Downhill again very difficult to judge That speed from there he'd almost be Better on that fly the Green's really Quick So you could allow it to go down Oh wow But when I'm picking up mate oh heck it Up pick it up Oh the ten holes the match is All square onto the next okay 11th hole Part three Hello darkness my old friend I'm a different person since I last Played this hole feels like it feels Like an eternity ago 214 yards I'm actually gonna go with

Nine iron because it's very very much Into wind And I'm just going to stick it just Right at the flag A little chippy nine Don't like his T-shirt wise That's what I need I'm cured and just Draw it back in A bit of spit on it it's better than Last time it's on the green okay I think Oh I think the sausage roll sweats have Subsided now I like this one of holes All right foot's going back down now Come on Just a wedge Oh this looks very tidy Go in the hole That's it Stop spinning so much Spit On It Fabulous amounts of spin both on the Green both with a look at birdie Not a length of problem particularly Good at today so far so I'm hoping that Changes I had so much spin On that shot I can see from where it's Pitched to where it is now The first bit of the line Oh this would be a nice one to drop Again a line of absolute dream Proportions lucky mate yeah it's good Take that one away nah

I'm in the lines Let me thinking kind of looks like it Does a lot but I don't think it does I'm gonna go left left side and just Firm up the hill Okay Yeah got it Let's choke it down Up the hill left to right [Applause] Silly silly boy Oh okay silly boy It was the absolute line yeah we're both We're both doing a bit of that now ah Right Guarantee these next few holes we will Get the ball to the hull 12th hole Par Four changing tactics I am because I don't know if you've noticed Pete but Within 100 yards It's not my forte I prefer a fuller shot In so I hit driver last time and left Myself at 65 yards in and yeah so I'm Gonna hit through iron similar shots to What you hit a little bullet bullet Three iron with a little drawer okay [Applause] A bit far wow all right though You're not within 100 yards I'm not sure If I've hit the Fairway Right shape just wrong contact Well if anything from today there's Three iron This might not be returned to golfbidder

I don't think you get some wonders with This Let's see if it keeps going Yeah should be fine it's just winds Bringing it back Very nice second shot in this part four From memory that pin was very far back On 5A a little bit into Breeze I'm liking this kind of slightly lower Flighted shot I'm gonna try and Chase the seven iron Back there I want to be aggressive get it pin high At least I've let him back into this so badly Could have been halfway up the m6 by now Could have been stopping at the m6 toll Services Got me past the pot Nice freshly squeezed orange juice and a Massive cup of coffee Just thinking about how I smashed him Six and five Bit of a friggin number Looks good Excellent Peak [Music] All right one four one Definitely take a little bit more Club Yesterday I'm Smooth it in there Is it that looks it Oh it is Yeah

I just think reactions didn't seem to Impress me it feels like it's I think You're lying at the moment's phenomenal Yeah I think I might be just getting my Distance control slightly better yeah I mean it also could be because it's Like your boys up on the green and They're giving you something it's a lot Of yours what are yours whether you rent A crowd at St George is it for Rick Shields it's unbelievable how much you Pay them This is just an extra level of intensity Now right I'll never know it is quiet before Uh So if I was Rick I'd be saying A little bit right to left Nice way to finish off this put It's kind of like a little bit downhill From where he is I think this might break a little bit More To the left I don't know you're setting up okay Come on let's get the pace Ah Take it away Not for the first time that was pretty Good line that wasn't honestly really Fancied that oh that's even when it hits It I thought yes got it there Even when he hits it I thought the Borderline oh crap I've left myself for

Three foot coming back Right all right that's hopefully that's Not points me too much for birdie Pete Watching it It saves you just slightly well right to Left for you slightly left to right for Me Oh that's gone right Quickly Whole halved in pars Onto the next Ah [Music] 13th hole don't like left where me and Pete found almost identical shots in the Heather left last time and slightly Right with that we're in the Fairway Driver is Right corner of the bunker [Music] Yeah nice shot thank you Yeah I'm not sure next pop There she is that's The Sweet Spot [Music] Literally didn't hear a thing there not Sure not sure Possibly needed okay so as Pete's just Walking back to his back to get a Provisional slowly touching got that one Correctly matches all squares as you can Tell probably from the vibe right now Content like really really tense So but Hey

Exciting times Oh gotta rip that as well Yeah I think that's a gonna Not entirely sure how it's managed to go Through Six thousand trees without hitting Anything but Is what it is I need to dig deep now You know when you go through one of Those patches in your round where if Things aren't going your way But let's go keep on going hopefully Something will happen Like Rick get the shanks man Okay second shot into the 13th I'm 177 Yards Slightly into Breeze I'm going to try And get a six sign all the way back There I'm gonna flight it low again Um from memory again this green is very Much float from Back to Front As the flag is the goal Oh Rick Hmm Different okay Oh That's a different show on it But what does that mean Like philosophically what does that mean For the game I've got 100 160 yards I think I'm gonna go seven I'm just

Going to try and get it beyond the PIN I think that's the key Oh what Oh Both in a bit of Bunker trouble Okay so after a terrible thinned iron Shot for my second I found this bunker Short it's a little little 40 harder On the green is the mission [Music] Right Yeah sure tonight thanks All right I've got a whole little bus Really that's a good job though what was He worried about Just took a bone for himself Self-care is important Um It's kind of going to go right to left Just gotta get it just releasing a touch If I want to I want to bag it Yeah A little bit too much ball Not quite enough sand what's that for Eign Pick it up yeah We're picking them up Big swing Through 13. And the first time in the match Rick Shields goes one up one up mate And I think we've all had enough of that

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Your favorite part three Alexa 14th par three down the hill playing 200 Yards it's where Pete nearly hold it Last time round I hit hybrid long I have to jump all over this three iron To get there I feel Let's do it Go in there oh go on man Go in the hole go go I forgot enough Shots it's definitely got a no speed oh About it That's a great show though Ivory nice Now I should know the shot really A shirt You're actually putting the ball oh lid Should have saved ever she's actually Put the ball in exactly The back of the last times divot so he Can hit the same swing path it's just Like a driving range for me this just Gotta follow that drum line All right middle of the green Same shots They're steering it in it cool it's Doing it going doing it steering it Going Oh my God Is that it are you not entertained are You not entertained Ah dear right Just one I thought just when I thought He allowed me to dream for a split Second I must I must admit like after

That last start I was feeling a little Bit a little bit down a little bit like Oh come on let's get going That t-shirt actually annoyed me just Enough to break me out my little stupid I was awesome sheesh Okay I mean they're Madness 200 yards And we both Yeah I mean I'm six foot you're three Foot it's quality is good hold on mate Make two birdies I think I've got a great line It's now just the case of getting the Speed Very good very good thank you that's Barely mate Really really oh yeah at last It's our first one of the day yeah it's Embarrassing to say we've had a lot of Pars I'll be absolute parkings yeah Right For the half Pete yeah Oh it's gone left again This is getting very frustrating Very silent put in there thanks for it Watch I'm in shock right now power five coming Up next 15th hole par five we had fun on this Last time this time we mean business As well yeah Um Just nuts loads of rooms yeah it's yeah It's literally so much room down there

Foreign Don't like going left on this hole And in that Rick you have succeeded There is no doubt Right I don't know why left is not just A no-go down here It's all right now it's not about the Last time yeah it's Gotta remember there Is a lot around here there is loads There's tons Caught in a bit nice moving about look At that it's cutting a bit All right should be all right similar Line to mine but 70 yards further down Okay after leaking it a little bit right But definitely not as bad as last time I'm 290 yards away from the screen so I Will not be going for it and there's a Couple of bunkers down there In fact the seven bring that in and We're actually gonna wait Iron's down There which I feel like if I absolutely Flushed it out of this roof it could fly On me There's no huge advantage A tying straight back in the middle of The Fairway Just left that blackbird A bit fatty but all right Safely back yeah I just didn't quite Catch it What do you got Pete Two three seven Okay

I want a yardage where I can hit me Three wood No it's three wheels yeah yeah I think This would be it ah I mean Let's see what's the It's a little bit below my feet so yeah I could maybe Try and just chop it up in there It'd be a shame to go if all around Without using they want it really so He's got a high launch Three Wood which Is at what Loft 17. it's like a five Wood like a five or beta let's go number Three on it it's a firewall but it's a Rocket balls five wood and it's a three Wood shaft I guess so that kind of what Makes it two and a half wood I suppose Okay well this really helps what I'm Trying to do but 240 Big high court I think just left of the pin and let it Drift a bit there's a bit of a bank on The right in there so From right Bunker's not the worst place In the world Nailed Corbett what's up Yeah it's okay I think that's fine that Was a weird ball fly that came out very Knuckly it's kind of like wobbling Around a bit I might not have seen about Finished it's it's level with the green But it was left it's flirting with the Bushes but I think it kept its head Above the ground soft enough to be okay

I think 162 yards Not much Breeze It's sweating off on it But it is cold 162. 162 I think Ricardo I think it's Probably in my head I'm navigating Straight towards a Titan Just don't know if seven would be a Wiser Choice it's just to clear those Bunkers for sure I'll go out Well I can't hit any better Go on Carrie Spin Very good Great shot haven't they can't hit it any Better I ain't approaches like last nine holes Or so been really good Uh Depends If Kind of want to use the green to bring You around or fly me I think probably just to Chip and run I Think Try and get it running a touch Yeah it's just the same so getting it To the holes being the fun bit I was thinking of 99 Looks like it's gonna be a little bit Left to right

Just roll it up that middle slope I've had a chip in eagle and a golf Builder challenge before This won't be a bad time My God Is it today Might have a physical issue actually Hitting it hard enough on the greens Ah Right get the ball to there I feel like that Mantra has been said Quite a bit today Wow really God really Come on take it away Well at least I got it to the Earl to be Honest I actually first thought when you Hit it you hadn't and then when it got Those lights in Ah those small wins Okay for birdie Down the hill little slippery one Oh I'll take a bit of a bobble off the Blade I think It definitely didn't slow that way no There's no way it's slow to the left Ah Oh still alive left here right that was A chance Okay 16th hole 438 yards like Doug leg left good tee Shot required You know the score you know what's Happening

Off it went Yep I'm imagining that's exactly the same Spot I was before pretty much it yeah That's all right though yeah I think It's fine boom Boom boom boom Come on [Music] It's a bit longer actually 183 yards to the flag Ly down Breeze Just a touch but getting wet well it is Wet and it's getting cold Feel like I could force a seven there But Sure isn't the play It's a little just a softy six iron Start on the middle of the green and Just try and draw it into that back flag Pin high right is the Miss if needed Draw The pin High No short right You know the port anyway it's quite Similar to last time in it ah I just didn't quite Jump on it hard enough I think to be Honest I tried to hit soft six and it Was a full six And 150 pin and then on 160 back A little bit down so I'm just thinking At eight iron after the pen And if it spins that's fine it's all

Good it's all good Come on sometimes with some shots here Of course it doesn't spin Why And why why would it spin why would it Spin why after 16 holes Have been uncontrollable rippage back Towards the PIN With an absolutely pure short Einstein Of course it wouldn't because that would Make sense and we play a goal we we play A game which fundamentally at its core Is mad What we do So I'm in a similar spot the last time When we played the front line but just Off the green this time it's very uphill It's very right to left And if anything the greens would have Got slower because they're wetter now so Quite simple it's just hit it as firm as Possible Yeah it's pretty good mate Pretty good Give as much as I could yeah that was a Hell of a backswing not Never seen quite so much wrist injured a Claw before Without uh yes please Paul thank you You got your last put to the hole For birdie Pete It'd be nice to see one actually Like with my own eyes happening at the

Bottom of my hands you know Big swinger right to left Up the hill Let's go for Speed oh it's gone right at The end Good good Very popular YouTube channel Do really well with the boys To get out of the way Yeah it's good Thank you Never steal me dormi two up one two to Play what happens when it's all square After 18. I guess we'll never know 17th hole par for 413 yards and Eventually on this whole last time let's Make it a bit more seamless And it suits my eye just let it draw Down there Nice shot Yeah right off happy with that yeah nice Shot yeah I should find that Right Pierre This is it That's what everyone's been waiting for All the way for to see this but 413 yard Papa driven driven I don't Think he's gonna I'm still gonna get a Lot of run though I think that's the Issue Same plan really your ball and try and Move it back to that creator Oh get off hit get off it I think it's

Going to be just enough yeah it'd be all Right Yeah flirting with the trees but I think That's absolutely fine It's pretty simple really I've just Gotta wait One two Three four five of the best shots of my Life and Oprah doesn't really That's it's always got to be as a 140 to The pins about 150 middle Thing about Trying to control that spin I mean I'm In I'm in the semi so it might not spin Quite as much but slightly wet greens Just think of a solid nine Just to the right of the hole Or a little late That's good Oh my goodness Wowzers well there's a riot Club wowzers Great shot pop right Similar distance to Pete maybe just a Couple yards a further afield Um Very much right that's it anything Closer than Pete's would be deemed a Result Just give myself a good chance right Come on Rick picture is sharp one three Five nine iron Slight floaty one Put it nice and close it's a full nine

Iron rig don't take anything off it hits It with conviction Be The distance please be the distance Good shot Is that adrenaline you reach out about I just can't I couldn't imagine it in Wedge there Mate I've got to be honest all right Like genuinely I think you're Swinging it really nice the iron shots Are great You know you don't have anyone who's Nicely on your channel do you no I only Get hey on my channel you can't break Anything Yeah and that's just not how we do Things anymore you know nice guys come On and that's just your comments Pete Wow I'll be honest getting down here From where we were I thought Pete's was Literally resting up against the flag It's still incredible shot it is And I flow mine right over the flag With one Club too many I'm afraid that Adrenaline right Let's give it a chance from here not two Puts Switches the pressure back on Okay it's down the hill but that doesn't Particularly mean it's gonna be fast Slightly left to right most of the way Speed is key

Nice confident roll straight down the Hill Bubbling and dribbling and jobbling on It All them things Ah lucky Line look pretty good again buy my spot I just never got rolling Should have hit it Right Pierre Yeah this to take it down the last This uh half the deficits just be one up With one to play Birdie put after a phenomenal 99 to here Grumpy knock it in It's just Literally everywhere Huh come on Not The thing is I've got to hold the same Pot Okay This is it For the win Oh I can't believe it yours Honestly I They just went at the end It was an unhaulable Port yeah one of Those guys we could spend all day here It would never be at all it right down The last ago 18th Ah So it all comes down to this 18th holes

Powerful dog leg right While up in the match currently Adore Me I'm going to contemplate what happens if We have it we'll come to that bridge When we cross it across that bridge room Come to it right Pete well we thought we Know what to do it's been a hell of a Match It's been a hell of a match guys if You've enjoyed it be sure to like Subscribe subscribe to Pete oh man Emotionally I'm not sure I'm gonna Recover from this device It's all come down to this yellow flag Not the Wind Drift if it wants to [Music] Boom best Drive of the day yeah I think If anything from today All I can take is The R11 is an absolute monster yeah best Driver of the day That's it keep your head up sit sit sit Sit sit sit sit sit Clip something hit the trade in it yeah Are those bushes not behind that yeah We'll have to go and find it Loose one down the left on the last I Don't remember it being this tense you Know what I mean Drama when we were younger pups I Remember this being a lot more relaxed Next oh Whatever wrappers I hope you've enjoyed Yourself I think

It's neon them Acting good I've been good So We found it But it's not great I'd say you'd have a restricted Backswing there I kind of don't even Know my options here because Two Club lengths I'm not sure if it's Actually going to get me far enough back I don't feel like two Club lengths Is going to get me get me a swing Yeah still be still got to come through I have to go that way as far back as I Can go Keeping that point in the flag in line Yeah Let me see what that looks like You haven't got a t down there so Imagine you might need to go a bit Further back pretty tall trees No Come on why am I trying to give him If I keep my mouth shut Only problem is guys I the trees from There you've got like around what 60 Foot pains in the way And he's uphill so he's gonna Don't really think it's about to get to The green It's not it's not good The trees are taught massive though I've Got no real other option The only other option is if I can get in

There I could chip it out this way To be honest I actually think I might be Able to get in there for Mia Just don't think I can get enough power I've had a kids club Just give us for a second I see thanks I know I don't think I can swing Anything further back Um could I get please Like us You passed me a six time for a minute Please Thanks It's like a operation Okay I'm in the tree [Laughter] Is that as a clip I can't stand up and I can't swim back Far enough Do not think it's a lesson like a nine Iron and then you can grip down a bit More just a little bit but I need the I Need less Love For Speed I need less Love for distance I'll get this out you got it Okay come on Grip it like a kid's club and then Bash Well Still not great is it it's better than It was Okay third shot after chipping out the Trees

This is this looks worse than it is I'm just gonna hit an eight iron Just keep it low enough to just miss These first few branches Picture on the green little bit of right To left spin Two footer for par Go Popping off Looks really good oh claps we've got Some claps Call me Savvy wow We've got some claps Wow are you not now entertained Bloody hell I'll tell you what So you are right Peter I kind of forgot You're in this match for a minute Welcome back to the show very awful You're a little world in there was But I got 143 Just how tricky one is like if all nine It might spin It's gonna get like a little eight Just gonna imagine Your shot And here slightly just slightly higher Version of it All right so yeah just right Center should spin a little bit To the left Unbelievable strike to settle a touch Feel like it's loaded with space Oh There's a collapse uh a clap thumbs up

Thumbs up nice shot mate I'm in tree to sell where mine's Finished I've got a funny feeling it might not be As close as I'm hoping it is But I didn't also expect to be putting For power on this hole so I've got to Take the small wins Let's hope it's nice and close All right So we need one time One moment of Excellence Kind of uphill breaking left to right This For it to be all square For 18 holes It's on track Online again Left on that bone Right Little Pill pulled man this is it This is what you've all been waiting for A port to win The match Up the hill Right to left For arguably the greatest power that's Ever been made [Music] Turning I gave it a little bit too much respect Gotta see it sorry for you to I've got to see it Guys if you enjoyed the video be sure to

Like And subscribe it's been epic it Really has To have the match hasn't it All right I'm gonna double check this Line Just Inside left Yeah well done mate well done very good I gotta eat it Guys you've enjoyed that I think One we're limited for Very honorable All square yeah I think we both had Strong plus points and negatives as well I was shocked by your driving why would That drive it seems you absolutely love It yeah and I was a bit off with that Super impressed with your eyes and you Put in yeah my putting was good today And uh your driver's joke guys hopefully You enjoyed that I think everybody wins You guys win Mega video it's a half so We can have a nice pie and not feel too Bad and uh stay tuned for a rematch yeah I think he's gonna have to be isn't it Thanks to Saint George's Hill thanks for Golf bidder thanks this wonderful crew That's been out here in the cold and wet Today filming this and we shall see you Next time bye bye Bye No maybe just maybe [Laughter]