Rick Shiels & Tom Watson play St Andrews!

Window Shop for Discount Golf Shoes

In golf, you’ll need a designated golf shoe as much as you need your club to play good. Not a lot of people know it, but a pair of golf shoes is critical to a golfer’s game. It’s even more important for beginners. Golf shoes are necessary for maintaining balance and getting that perfect swing. That being said, you really have to get one. Even if it means getting discount golf shoes, you really have to own a pair.

Correct Position – Outlook

Assume your correct position at tee to hit the golf ball farther, longer, and score a lower handicap. Wouldn’t you like to accomplish this undertaking more often and with consistency? You would be delighted.

Information About Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts are now a common sight on the golf course. The comfort and convenience in carrying golf equipments easily in them has made them a highly popular vehicle for golfers today.

Women’s Golf Apparel Has Come a Long Way

Women’s golf apparel and golf accessories have changed dramatically from Babe Didrikson Zaharias’ flat crushed golf hat worn years ago. Today, women’s golf apparel and accessories are fashionable, flirty, and fun to wear.

Tips On Golfing – Poor Positioning Of The Left-Hand Part One

This article is part of a series of tips on golfing focusing on tips and hints to help golfers to develop a good basic golf swing. The majority of club golfers suffer from a lack of consistency within the game and by developing a good basic golf swing they can eliminate a number of symptoms of faults which affect most of these golfers.

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Improve Your Golf Game – 6 Steps to Replacing Your Golf Club Grips

There are many things that can affect the way we perform on the golf course. Some have to do with the way we swing the golf club and some have to do with the equipment we use. Making sure that your equipment is not adversely affecting your game is as easy as replacing your golf club grips. With anything, golf club grips can wear out over time. When you play golf with grips that are worn out, your hands can slip and this will lead to poor shots.

Best Golf Drivers For 2011

Looking for greater distance, more accuracy and increased shot control off of the Tee? Then learn all you need to know about the Best Golf Drivers for 2011 and the advanced designs and technologies that they utilize.

Finding The Best Golf Specials: Tips For Golfers

For enthusiasts of the sport, there is nothing better than getting in a round of golf. Golfing is a game that anyone from child to adult can play, and often do together as a family or group of friends. If you golf on a regular basis, you know that you have to pay greens fees in order to play on your favorite golf course, and over time, those greens fees can add up.

Learning Techniques of Golf Swing for Newbies

How is it that thousands of people flock to the best know tournaments and pay incredible amount of money to get their ticket? Is this because the well-known golfers provide the great visual entertainment? Or maybe the game of golf is not that complicated after all? Is it because there is a great beauty in swinging the club for the knowing eyes only?

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Golfing – Discount Tee Times For The Holidays

For golfers, the ideal holiday is one in which you can spend the greatest amount of time on the golf course as possible. In order to accomplish this, you will want to look for golf course discounts. You will find that when you utilize the online tee times service provided by many golf course websites, you will lock in to discount tee times much more easily.

Golf Fitness Tips to Improve Your Game

Here are some golf fitness tips that can literally improve every aspect of your game – from the distance you hit your driver (and every other club for that matter) to the way you feel on and off the golf course. Ask most club-level golfers and they’ll tell you that fitness for golf is the preserve of the world’s top players looking for anything that will give them the slightest competitive edge. After all, they have time to spend hours at the gym each day and easy access to the best facilities and fitness coaches. But did you know that a simple home exercise routine, performed just 3 days a week with some basic, low cost equipment, can make a significant difference to your golf game?

Improve Your Shotmaking With the Nine-Shot Drill

If you’re like most recreational golfers, you spend your time at the range just trying to make clean contact, get the ball in the air, and have it go straight. Working the ball right or left, up or down, can come after you have mastered the basic straight shot, you might think. But actually, if you learn to work the ball, you will learn to hit that straight shot much quicker and hit it more often. And, you’ll have entered a whole new world of golf. Here’s the drill that teaches you how.

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