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Most golfers may be unaware, but maintaining some straightness in your lead arm add deeper distances to your driver shots.

Crucial when looking to expand the distance of your drive, me and my golf students often find straightening our lead arm provides more distance for the clubhead to travel through impact.

Creating a longer overall golf swing typically provides expansive distance in the resulting golf shot.

Pursuing a perfect 90 degree angle, keeping your arm straight and level lead achieves a stabilizing effect over our wrist during the backswing.

Grip adds or subtracts more from a golf swing than most players are willing to admit, but me and my golf students always keep a close eye on the athletic motion behind our placement and hold on the club.

With the infinite amount of ways a player can grip the club, understanding how adjustments to grip affects distance will greatly improve our results.

To get more distance out of your driver swing, often placing your weak hand inside, knuckles facing the intended target, will improve your ability to strike the ball deeply upon impact.

Sometimes our grips are too tight, causing players to excessively squeeze their club.

Treating our driver grip as if it were a tube of toothpaste will often lead to firm yet mindful squeezing that produces an ideal golf swing with expansive depth.

Turning your lead hand over at the ideal time during the finish of your golf swing will ensure additional distance has been added.

In order to add distance to your driver, players must snap their lead hand into the ball upon impact, which provides additional momentum to our golf club, effectively expanding the overall distance of the golf ball.

One of the chief athletic motions all golfers must master before hitting their drivers consistently straight involves their golf swing alignment.

Alignment in our driving pertains to where we are aiming our club prior to impact.

Even prior to our initial address of the ball, players are encouraged to shape the shot using mental golf strategies. Mental golf relates to the visualization of where they must align their bodies to ensure their shot lands as intended.

00:00 Unwinding Your Driver Swing
01:01 How to Relax Your Elbow Pre-Swing
02:00 Relax During Drive Shots
03:00 Reworking Your Driver Grip
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