Relax Muscles In Your Golf Swing – 3 Finger Left Hand Drill

Relax Muscles In Your Golf Swing – A common fault I see a lot is that players try and overly control the club head throughout the swing, when players have this fault they will have a lot of tension in their hands, forearms and shoulders in address, during the swing the wrists will not set freely, the swing will look very tense and wooden and probably they will use their upper body and big muscles in the downswing to create speed resulting in many different faults. If this is you try this drill:
• Tee the ball up
• Rather than gripping the club with all the fingers in your left hand take your baby off the club only gripping with 3 fingers.
• Reduce your grip pressure as much as you can.
• Take some practice swing feeling the weight of the club swinging around your body with relaxed hands, arms and shoulders.
• Once you have a feel for this go ahead and hit some shots completing the same drill.
After some practice you will start to feel that your do not need to use your upper body and big muscles as much to create club head speed and trust to not overly control the club head, let it go, let it swing freely.

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