PXG IRONS REVIEW | PXG 0311P | PXG 0311T | PXG 0211 | GEN 2 AND GEN 3

In this video, I provide a review of the PXG Irons including the PXG 0311P, 0311T, and 0211. I also give you my take on the differences between between the PXG Gen 2, and PXG Gen 3 Irons. This review doesn’t dive as deep into comprehensive analysis of the numbers, but does give you a great perspective for golfers of all handicaps. Make sure and watch til the end to see my summary.

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel Golf Blog! My name is Matt Williams. I’m an amateur golfer that has only been playing golf consistently for a few years now. Last year I was about an 18 handicap. I was a 16 handicap to start 2020, and now am down to an 8.7. I started this golf channel for a variety of reasons. 1.) To show viewers what I am doing and working on as I continue my quest to hopefully become a scratch golfer one day. 2.) To review golf clubs/equipment to give people a club review from an amatuer mid-handicap perspective. 3.) To share my ever-growing passion for this beautiful game we call golf. 4.) To just have a ton of fun on the golf course! I sure hope you find all my content useful, helpful, but most of all….. entertaining!

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PXG Irons
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