Putting Tip: CrossHand or Left Hand Low

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In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb discusses the cross hand grip or left hand low grip, and explains why it can be beneficial for golfers who are struggling with level shoulders or wrists breaking in the putting motion.

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Learn the Correct Left Hand Low Putting Grip
As Jordan Spieth is making noise around the world with a win at the HERO Challenge in Florida and a win at the Australian Open, his putting stroke has come under the microscope.

The Jordan Spieth Putting Grip

Jordan Spieth uses the left hand low technique. He’s used the technique to earn .398 strokes with the putter per round in 2014. He was 50th on the Tour in Total Putting and he used the technique to score the best on the par 4’s in 2013. He is one of the Tour’s notable players to employ this putting technique.

So how does Spieth putt it so well with the left hand low technique?

In these left hand low putting tips, PGA Pro Todd Kolb teaches us how to use a low hand low grip while putting, also known as cross-handed putting. The reason people use this grip is because they are not able to get their shoulders level to allow them to create a proper pendulum motion in their putting stroke.

To grip the putter left hand low, a right handed golfer should first hold the putter the same way they normally would, with a conventional grip. Then, they switch their hands, placing their left hand on the bottom of the putter grip and their right hand on the top. When this is done, they will feel their shoulders feel more level to the ground, allowing for that pendulum stroke.

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