Putting Stroke Lesson On The 3 Key Factors To Hole Putts

Hole more putts with these 3 keys to a perfect putting stroke
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Here Andy Gorman putting coach specialist in the UK and one of our contributors here at The Art OF Simple Golf shares what he sees as the 3 most important factors you need to have for a good putting stroke.

For a good putting stroke you need

A good grip
A good set up
A good stroke that is natural

But the key principles are

1) You must have a square putter face at the point of impact because over 90% of the result of the ball is how you stroke it.

2) Your path of the putter is going to effect about 10% of the direction of the ball and even 1 degree off will result in 10 inches missed over a short putt.

3) the speed of the putt is all that’s left to make sure you hole more putts

Here you can learn how to accomplish better putting and a more consistent stroke

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