PUTTING AND GREEN READING TUTORIAL – Tips For Putting PGA 2K21 – Tutorials / Tips / Tricks Episode 3

Alright welcome to the Respawn Putting Method. Created to help everyone not only make some more 1 putts but also help keep your green work under 2 putts per green. I put a ton of time into this so hopefully it will help you shave some strokes off your score out on the course.

This is episode 3 of my tips, tricks, and tutorials videos that will be released episodically over the course of the next couple of weeks. With over 2000 hours of play time in the Golf Club series I wanted to put these videos out to help everyone improve their game out on the course.

More tutorials to come going over tempo, putting, wind, elevation, and more.

If you want more in depth information on Course designer than make sure to watch @Crazycanuck1985 ‘s tutorials on course designer:

0:00 – Intro
1:46 – Finesse Putting
4:01 – Grips
5:51 – Putting Without Meter
9:09 – Respawn Putting Method
27:20 – Short Uphill Example
27:44 – Quick Example
28:19 – Longer Downhill Example
31:06 – Short Downhill Example
32:33 – Multiple Left and Right Slopes
34:28 – Over 50 Feet Example
36:20 – Outro

The Golf Club Tours:

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