[PT. 2] WRISTS IN THE SWING- THE DETAILS | Paddy’s Golf Tip #9 | Padraig Harrington

Earlier this week, I shared Part 1 of a two-part lesson which focused on the role that the wrists play during the swing. Now I’m back with Part 2 of the lesson and it’s time to really get into the details.

As I mentioned in Part 1, the discussion was probably most valuable for the ‘weekend warriors’- as I focused on how to just get those wrists active. In Part 2, I the focus is centered around what needs to happen once the wrists are active and working-and that comes down to focusing on the mechanics and very much, the details.

I welcome you to listen as I unpack a personal yet controversial outlook on what the wrists should do through the impact point of the swing. Let me know what your thoughts in the comments- agree or disagree?

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