Professional Voice Actor Shares Industry Tips For Success

Join Professional voice actor, Andrea Collins and our Platinum Talent Specialist, Kyle as they discuss the best tips for a successful voice over career. From a long history in broadcast radio, to opening her own voice over course, Andrea shares her insight into the entrepreneurial path of a voice over artist. From demos, to auditions, to clients, and everything in between, Andrea shares her industry secrets to building a six-figure, self-employed voice over business.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
1:05 – Meeting Andrea Collins
4:30 – Has COVID-19 Impacted Voice Over?
7:25 – How Long To Get Your First Job?
11:10 – Best Tips For Starting
13:10 – A Day In The Life of a Pro Voice Actor
16:42 – How Long Should Your Audition Be?
17:57 – What Equipment Do You Use?
19:54 – How Has Your Setup Changed?
21:45 – Studio Space for Voice Over
23:25 – Software for Voice Over
26:08 – How Long Does An Audition Take?
27:12 – How Many Auditions Each Day
27:50 – How To Prioritize
34:20 – How Do You Quote
39:30 – Q&A
58:40 – Get In Touch With Andrea
1:00:18 – Wrap Up


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