Press This Button For BETTER GOLF In 2021!!!

Press This Button For BETTER GOLF In 2021!!! Golf its hard… and there are so many online golf tips, golf lessons, golf drills for you to do to improve your game. Well in this video we talk through some of the best golf tips you can take into your golf game for 2021. How can you lower your golf scores? how can you play better golf? how to make golf easy? listen to these easy golf tips, easy golf lessons, easy golf drills and all you have to do it press the big red button! this should help you lower your handicap, beat your friends at golf and all without buying expensive new golf clubs… let’s do it… and let’s do it now! (for all you keen youtuber’s out there… yes I got this idea from Mr Beast!) … (How cool would it be to get Mr Beast Playing Golf!)

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