A lot of people are working on golf swing changes which is great. The problem I see is that everyone always wants to swing at top speed. In doing so, they never change anything.

Why not slow down. Not just a little slower though. I am talking about doing your swing in slow motion. In slow motion you would have way more time to think and feel if you are doing the swing change right or not. As you keep repeating it, you will start to know the position then you will be able to do it as you start to go faster.

Give this a try the next time you practice your golf swing. Just realize that you don’t always have to swing top speed especially if you are trying to make changes to your golf swing.

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In this tip I'm talking about you Working on your swing doing it at one Mile per hour so a lot of people you Know they're out here and they're Working on stuff and that's great But I never see them really do slow Methodical movements You know most people you know there's a Whole bunch of people hitting balls Right over there And they just keep whacking away you Know they're thinking about something They're working on something but they Just keep doing their normal swing so What I'm suggesting is why don't you do Some of these moves at one mile an hour Super super slow so then you start to Learn the feeling of the move to then be Able to put that in your swing you know In a few minutes or you know after you Do you know 50 slow ones You know you start to kind of get the Feeling for the what you're trying to do So You know any this could be with anything If you do it slowly you kind of it can't It kind of starts to sink in you know What you're even trying to do So we get out of this hitting ball after Ball after ball after ball and never Making any changes Okay so examples Let's say you were working on coiling Okay so you're standing here like this

You know you're gonna try and coil your Shoulders so you're standing here and You just go like literally One mile an hour okay Do it again one more one there Okay something like that maybe you're Working on hinging your wrists Slow Oh okay they would hinge like right here Okay so you're gonna go super slow slow Start to slowly hinge Okay maybe you're shortening up your Back swing you got this big long swing Why not just go super super slow then You go oh okay well this would be Shorter because I can feel where it is Right here All right so Simple tip today but I don't see anybody Doing this stuff So it's all about if you know if you're Making changes you got to make the Change I'm just saying if you do the change Super slow you got tons of time to feel What you're trying to do Instead of trying to work on it while You're swinging at your normal swing Pace So you do a bunch super slow in your Mind Doesn't have to be one mile per hour I'm Just saying one mile an hour is super Super slow

So in your mind you say to yourself hey You know what I'm going to do that thing That I'm working on At one mile an hour super slow like a Slow-mo on a sports you know if you're Watching your favorite sport you know Imagine you're watching yourself in slow Motion okay so you just do something Super super slow All right if it's your backswing super Super slow Learn the moves feel the moves do it Multiple times then step up and You know hit your shot I probably Wouldn't hit your shot at full speed yet I just do easy swings trying to Replicate what you were doing at one Mile an hour All right I again I know people want to Get this stuff and they're making Changes in that But you know too many people just do the Same their same swing they think they're Changing But they never actually change anything So just try it a little different way Okay Decide on making the change really focus On it do it slowly and then eventually That change will go into your swing and You'll be doing it without even thinking About it I truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help

You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing