Playing Golf with a ROBOT Caddy (it works!)

10 Important Reasons Why Golfing Is Good for Your Health!

You probably already know that golf is a lot of fun, but did you know that it is actually really good for your health as well? Most people don’t consider golf a very strenuous sport, and are surprised when they realize how good it actually is for the body.

Why La Quinta California Is The Best Place To Live For Golf

Readers of the famous Robb Report which is considered to be “the” international authority on luxury and the luxury lifestyle, may already know that the editors of the publication consider La Quinta a preeminent golf destination, but have also selected it as one of the smartest places to choose to live if golfing is a major part of your life. In fact, the magazine tagged it as the “Best Place to Live for Golfing,” which inspired the equally popular Forbes Traveler Magazine to do the same! Why did they come to the conclusion that La Quinta California is the best place to live for golf?

Get Me Out Of Here! – The Dreaded Bunker

The beach is a desirable place when it is referred to as the beaches in Hawaii or Florida. You may want to avoid the “beaches” on the golf course though. The bunker is never a fun place to be and takes more than just a normal swing to hit out of the bunker successfully. There are several techniques tips that I would suggest and several drills to practice to help you hit out of the bunker with confidence.

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Curing Your Golf Slice Is Easier Than You Think

As golf instructors point to dozens of different factors contributing to the dreaded golf slice, they ignore the real underlying cause – friction between the clubface and ball at the point of impact. Reduce that friction and you reduce sidespin. Reduce sidespin and you reduce your slice. But, read this before attempting to use just any “grease” on your clubface.

Mental Golf Coaching – Control Your Emotions

The ‘problem’ with golf is that we have a lot of time to think about things between shots (which can make us even angrier) and our emotional state can have a huge affect on our golf swing. This is especially true when putting – the smallest change to our normal stroke can mean the difference between holing a putt and missing a putt. The aim of mental golf coaching is to help you control your emotions, especially when you are under pressure.

Top 4 Golf Chipping Tips

Knowing how to chip the ball well is an important part of golf, but is often overlooked when it comes to learning how to play. No matter how good the rest of your golf game is the inability to chip the ball well will almost always have a negative impact on your overall game. Chipping for some golf players can be a nightmare, especially when you’ve put in so much hard work getting the ball near the green.

3 Golf Drills to Help Correct Your Slice

The biggest problem among the common golfer is the slicing of the ball. Are you one of the many that has to aim 45 degrees to the left in order to hit the fair way off the tee box? No matter how much time spent at the range, it never seems to fix itself.

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Dare to Be Happy

When they played the Masters Golf Tournament last month did anybody notice what happened in the final round of play? Sure, Angel Cabrera won, and the obvious thing that everybody probably did notice was that Tiger Woods and Phil Michelson, the world’s top two ranked golfers, played together. They both played great on the front nine after starting several strokes back, making heroic charges to pull within a stroke of the lead.

Understand How the TaylorMade R11 Driver Can Elevate Your Golf Performance

The new TaylorMade R11 Driver is the most customizable and versatile driver on the market. It includes an innovative color scheme and the ability to independently adjust the loft, face angle, and flight path. See how this driver can adjust to your swing for years to come.

Ten Easy Ways To Play Better Golf

Everybody wants to shoot lower scores without working that hard to do it. Why wouldn’t they? Most recreational golfers have busy lives that leave them barely enough time to play, and even less for practicing. Here are ten easy ways to shoot lower scores in the time you do have to play and practice.

Golf Swing Wrists

The wrists in golf play are a key part in the overall golf swing and can add great distance to your golf shot when playing a round of golf. When used correctly the wrists account for over half of your clubhead speed. So if you are serious about improving your golf swing it would be wise to pay close attention to strengthening your wrists.

Golf Putting Tips: 3 Keys to Improvement

As golfers we all want to lower our scores – it seems we are never quite satisfied. At the end of the round we see where those extra strokes came from and it’s usually from the short putts we missed. It’s a fact in 18 holes of golf 40% or more of our score is from putting.

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