Perfect Chipping and Putting Drill | Short Game Drills

Developing world class touch around the greens requires a high level of feel and a consistent way to move your body towards the hole. Having a few high level short game drills that can get you back to feeling your body freely advancing towards your intention are like gold for you scoring abilities. One of the first things that is easily overlooked, is if slack is in the movements. “Slack” is a term that means, when you attempt to turn your body, the arms do not initially move together with the turn, forcing the player to then independently add tension into the shot. When tension starts being applied through delivery, it can add a hole world of complications and be a reactionary force that changes your alignment and ability to crisply pick the ball off the ground.

The goal of this short game drill is to first allow you to feel how to set your body up in a way that will allow you to move as a whole piece. When you walk, everything falls together with your first move in the direction you want to go. Gravity aids us this way in being able to move from one place to another. You must feel how to move you towards the hole as easily as possible and then find how to put the ball in the path. Short game drills like the Spooning Drill can be used from distances all around the green as well as for putts. Feel free to walk through your shots or this drill, it will help indicate how smoothly you are able to advance your body towards the hole (your intention). Learn how to master these short game drills and they will show you how simple it is to feel the distance across the greens. Enjoy!

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