Part 10. How to swing perfect with iron & driver ㅡ step by step. Real full swing.

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ㅡ Iron and driver swing drill tips for all beginners and upto advanced players.

Few fundamentals but very important check points to follow.

Take narrow stance and stand like as if you are sitting on a chair. Use end of golf grip to hit the ball, just like playing snooker. Take a backswing just above halfway and swing just like as half shot. But this time, just try hit the shot within 7 seconds as you stand over the ball, this is great drill person who think too much and finding hard to get relax when having golf shots.

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Before you actually hitting a ball, follow this routine couple of times. This is how it goes, at the top of you backswing, try to bring the club down and let go of your grip pressure completely for a short moment so the club slide inside your hand untill you find club shaft, then hold the club again instantly. This is excellent drill making lagging, hinge motion and ‘hands first’ motion during the downswing and through the shot. Do this drill till get yourself comfortable enough you to regrip the club as close as club head area. You would be surprised how powerful this move actually transform your whole golf swing to another level.

When you feel comfortable enough, then add this (7 key points) motions mentioned below little by little as you go through the shots….
As a right handed player, (key point no.1) take a nice and wide backswing. At the top of your backswing, (key point no.2) the first move is to slide your left hips towards target. As the hips moving towards target, (key point no.3) bring your right shoulder to drop slightly. (No.4) This is the time to fire your right elbow to get through in front of your belly, as you moving elbow through, (No.5) let go your hands with nice accleration. As your hands getting through the impact zone, (No.6) extend your arms towards target. From here, make sure you do not leave nothing behind in your tank, when you do that, the speed will accelerated through the shot even faster. (No.7) Afterall, these will lead you to finish all your weight onto your front leg.


This is excellent drill making lagging, hinge motion and ‘hands first’ motion during the downswing and through the shot. You would be surprised how powerful this move actually transform your whole golf swing to another level.

This is also a great drill for person who often gets over the top and having problem using lowerbody during the downswing. This drill develops proper ‘swinging on plane’, helps weight transfer to left side and increases hip speed at impact. Make sure you go through these key points couple of times before you actually hitting actual shots. You will get a good feel of how your shoulder, elbow, erist and wholee body should move during the downswing and through the shot. Try this drill couple of times before you making actual shots.

This is great way to swing with effortless power and smash the ball at the same time. This method works under pressure every time!

Enjoy the video!

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In next video, I am going to upload the video called ‘part 10 of how to make perfect drive and iron shot using special lowerbody drill. In this video, i will be showing you special drill to go with and go through few check points to consider to make perfect lagging and hands first with ever club. I will be explaining to you with few easy steps to follow, it will be simple and easy to understand. This is going to be a bird eye view, which you will be seeing in persons view, teaches how you would strike the shot in appropriate manner. Stay tuned for more!

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Enjoy Golfing!


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