Over the Top – How to Stop Coming Over the Top in Golf

Over the Top – Golf Swing Error: How to Fix

What is Over the Top?
Over the top in golf means that your club is travelling ‘over’ (or in front of) what would be the neutral line (or swing plane) during the downswing.

What ball flight will an over the top swing produce?
– The swing path associated with an over the top swing is the outside-in. If the angle of the club matches the swing path and aims to the left of the target the ball will fly straight there for a pull. If the club is open to the path, the ball will start left of the target and spin from left to right, resulting in a fade or a slice. Sometimes, an over the top can even produce a shank.

How do you fix an over the top?
– It starts with a good square takeaway, where the club is pointing straight back when the club shaft is parallel to the ground.

– Then, as you reach the top of the swing, you must resist turning over your shoulder too early.

– Focus on bringing the club down more or less on the same path you used to bring it up. You may even try to lower your hands in order to force an inside-out club path at impact. Hopefully the ball will head more towards the right and may even draw a little.

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