Open or Closed Clubface At Impact? Simple Way To Fix It

No one comes through with the face square every time. Even the best players have an open or closed clubface through impact which leads to slicing and hooking the ball. Obviously, most amateur players have an open clubface. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way to fix it? Well, I came up with this drill not too long ago that will allow you to perfectly square the face as you are working on your swing.

You can do this simple drill at home, at the range and even when you play. If you keep repeating it as much as you can, you will learn how to be square instead of having an open or closed clubface through impact thus eliminating slice and hook spin on the ball.

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In this tip I'm going to give you a way That you can work on the club face both At home at the range but even when you Play okay so I came up with this the Other day and thought this was pretty Interesting so here's what I've got so Just imagine if you are slicing a golf Ball okay so you're coming in like this And you are hitting the ball with the Face open all right and this would Actually work for if you were hooking The ball as well so keep that in mind Too this is not necessarily just for Slicers so if you were hooking the ball You'd be coming through like this all Right so The other day I'm doing some practice Swings around the house and You know I didn't have a seven iron Sitting there I had my putter sitting There so I thought oh I'm going to do Some practice things with my Potter so I Grab my putter I'm doing some practice Swings and then I get thinking about it I'm like oh You know the great majority if not you Know 99 of all Putters have this flat Surface right here So I as I was doing these practice Swings I was thinking about the flat Surface thinking well people could use That as a gauge To determine If the face is open or closed all right

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So think about it if I am coming through Like this And the face is square the flat surface Would be Very flush like this okay it'd be very Square to my body and the target line so That would be a square face right there Now if I hit it with the face open the Flat surface on the grip would be angled This way if I was hooking the ball it Would be angled this way all right so What I want you to do is use this flat Surface to determine where the face is Understand how the face would be then Squaring And then re-hinging into the through Swing so standing here like this I'm Thinking right here okay I go into the Backswing just a little you know all Three quarter coming down like this and Now my objective is to get this flat Surface To be square To the Target line or Square to my body See like I said if you go like that and You start slicing it That it'd be pretty easy to determine if That is You know Square to your body so you just Sit here and you go okay here we go Right there oh I need to square that to My body and then of course it would Release on this side so you just sit There okay there

Okay there or you could even bring it Towards impact here just Practice coming To impact oh there's A square face oh it's not like that Okay so pretty simple and why I said you Could do this at the range you could do It at home like I did I just happen to Have a putter sitting there a lot of People putt on their carpet so you got a Putter sitting there But I also thought you know there's a Lot of time when we're standing around On the green waiting for our friends to Line up their putt you know and you know If you're playing in the foursome three People are putting and it takes forever So you're standing there with your Putter So why not just sit there and go okay Here I am right here okay there's the Square okay got it yeah okay so now Instead of just standing there going man These guys are taking forever You can actually be working on something That would help you release the golf Club all right so let me do it towards Camera here so flat surface right here Coming in like this if you sliced see The faces Way open right here The flat surface is here if you were Hooking the ball the flat surface is That way face is closed so you just sit There and you go oh okay I need that Flat surface

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Square to my body okay and you just keep Doing that over and over and over so you Can do that and then you can Come through and release it on the other Side too All right so hopefully you will grab Your putter check it out I'm pretty sure It's going to have a flat surface here And then try a few practice Swings with That so then you'll see exactly what I'm Talking about so then you can be working On the squaring of the face and Releasing the club into the future I Truly hope you've enjoyed this tip Here's another tip that's going to help You improve your swing now right below That don't forget to click on that link Because I'm going to send you some free Samples of my body swing book and video Series that'll take you step by step by Step through how to build a powerful Effortless pain-free golf swing