Off Season Golf Tips – Putting Stroke (Alex Riggs & OnCore Golf)

In this video, Alex Riggs and OnCore Golf Ambassador takes a look at putting stokes and provides a few simple tips on how you can improve your putting game.

Qualities of a good putting stroke:
1. A good putting stroke repeats itself.
2. A good putting stroke starts with the ball on the right line.
3. A good putting stroke has a good sense of distance control

Strategies to improve putting stroke:
1. Putting Grip
2. The activity of moving the putter

Both of these will make the stroke more repetitive and neutral!

OnCore Golf and Alex Riggs collaborate on an offseason Golf program for any golfer looking to improve their golf game by putting in work while the weather may be keeping you indoors. Whether you are a beginner or a scratch golfer this course will give you multiple tips to improve your golf game with solid off-season tips.

Alex Riggs is a Canadian born Golf Coach who is currently based in Dubai, UAE. Having spent a majority of the last 15 years working under some of the best names in the industry, Alex has developed a strong stable of players around the world. He now travels regularly for private clients and tournaments on the European Tour.

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