NEW MEMBER OF TEAM CALLAWAY | Custom Fitting New Apex Irons & Epic Driver | Trackman

In this vlog Callaway Golf invited me to a Custom Fitting at Stiklestad Golf Club. This is our first vlog together and I’am proud to announce that I’am a new member of Team Callaway Golf.

But unlike all the Professional and Pro- golfers in their team I’am just like you, a everyday golfer that struggles with the game of golf & hopefully Callway (thru our cooperation) can help both me & you to become better golfers.

At the newest Trackman I test Callaways newest golf clubs, both their Apex irons and Epic drivers.

As an average golfer, I am representing the majority of golfers out there. A marked that is missing a channel like mine, in my opinion. Join the team by subscribing to my channel.

Also on my team is Din Golf Reise, which is Norway’s biggest golf travel agency. Through our partnership, I will visit all their golf-destinations and take you with me, though my youtube channel.

/Golf With Baard

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