01:25. Two Key WIG elements for putting
06:16. Never miss another putt
08:20. Strategy for an uneven green
10:16. Savannah’s Stroke
10:33. Finding your alignment with the putter
11:11. How to eliminate doubt with your putt

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You are on the golf course and you start missing short putts; it starts putting pressure on the rest of your short game and the domino effect continues through the long game. When you Reverse this, and you start making all your short putts, you then take the pressure off everything and you can start free wheeling the rest of the game! This is how you want to play golf, big time!

This video has the kind of information that is so simple, you are going to ask yourself: “How the heck did I miss that? It’s so obvious!” And the changes are so easy to implement and so instant because your machine is MADE TO PERFORM A PERFECT PUTTING STROKE WITHOUT EVEN TRYING.

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