Golf Driving Tips – Get More Out of Your Drives

How would you like to get more distance out of your drives? Even if you are one of those guys that can launch a drive 300, you are still looking for that little extra off the tee.

Important Golf Tips for Left Handed Golfers

There is a wide possibility that left-handed golfers may attempt to play a right hander’s game when using the latter’s golf clubs and this will prove devastating. It is highly suggested that they buy a set of clubs that are made for lefties before ending up in the worst of game situations.

Golf Improvement – How to Lower Your Scores and Enjoy More Fulfilling Rounds of Golf

Golf is an elusive sport that causes a love-hate relationship between the game and most amateur players. There are millions of golfers worldwide who struggle with the same issues of the game. I am a struggling golfer who has spent many years trying to achieve a level of play that is consistently good and satisfying. There are several games within the game of golf: the Drive, the Approach, Chipping and Putting. Each has it’s own challenges and requires different skills that have to be given attention through correct instruction and practice. I created an all inclusive resource for all levels of golfers to find answers to their particular struggle with any aspect of their game.

Golf: The Game for a Lifetime

Struggling with your golf game? Can’t hit it as far as you want? Putts will not go in! Don’t worry, with the proper direction, even your game can improve! Golf does not have to be as hard as we make it. Simplify your game and your thought process!

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Golf Bags or Other Golf Accessories Make Great Gift Ideas

Just don’t know what kind of gift to get that special golfer in your life? In this article I will give you some gift ideas for fathers or mothers day, graduations, birthdays and any other holidays, that will bring big smiles to their faces.

Discover How an iPhone App Can Help Produce A Hole In One!

Who ever thought than an iPhone App could help someone get a hole in one? Well, my friend who was using his gizmo iPhone app. Did I happen to mention how far his shot was? It was 198 yards. Almost the size of two football fields! It is highly unusual to score that far away.

How To Choose Your Next Set of Golf Irons

What makes a good iron set? That’s what many golfers ask themselves when look at their old tarnished clubs. When it’s time to replace an old set or set out to buy your first set of clubs players need to remember what they are looking for in their golf clubs in terms of feel and area of skills they want to focus on

Indoor Putting Greens Can Lower Your Handicap

Everyone wants to lower their golf score. Want to lower your handicap? In this article you will learn just how easy it is to accomplish this and have a lot of fun while you practice.

How to Golf – Golf Grip

The golf grip plays a key part in golf and is the foundation of which a great golf swing can be built. There’s no question that learning how to grip a golf club correctly will get any player on the right track to straighter more consistent golf shots, and should not be overlooked when it comes to developing your golf swing. Here are a few golf grip tips that will hopefully get you on the right track to hitting better more consistent golf shots.

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Can You Fix Golf Slice And Hook at The Same Time? How to Drive a Golf Ball Straight

No matter how good you are, driving a golf ball straight is a challenge for most non-professional golfers. Would you like to learn how to drive a golf ball straight and fixing an irritating hook and slice at the same time? Then read on this article.

For Consistent Golf Swings – Remember, “Do Not Think”!

It seems we always have things buzzing through our heads as we find ourselves addressing the ball. Do this, do that, remember this, remember that. But you know what I’ve found that really works? Yep, just step up to the ball and swing without thinking about it! It’s amazing! But it does work. My main concern when hitting the links is to have a consistent swing EVERY TIME I strike the ball. Every golfer looks for ways to become more consistent with their golf shots. Face it! That’s why we play the game, right?

How To Make More Pars

Don’t get too excited about the title. I’m not going to let you in on a secret that will drop twelve strokes off your handicap overnight. Instead, I’ll give you a thoughtful approach to playing golf that will make pars easier to get and every now and then, appear from nowhere.

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