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Nelly Korda's Golf Swing: What You Can Learn from It - Golf Tips & Videos

Nelly Korda’s Golf Swing: What You Can Learn from It

In this video, we’ll be looking at, and analyzing Nelly Korda’s golf swing and discussing how you can learn from it. Nelly Korda is one of the most successful golfers in the world, and her swing is one of the most famous and replicated swing patterns out there.

By looking at Nelly Korda’s golf swing, you can learn a lot about how to improve your own golf swing. By learning from one of the best golfers in the world, you’ll be able to lower your handicap and improve your tempo on the golf course!

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Hey everybody thanks for tuning in I'm George condo with scratch golf tips and Today we are going to be looking at the Golf swing of Nelly Corda and addressing Some things that I believe every golfer Can learn from just watching and Observing the swing of Nelly Corda so to Start off with something that's fairly Obvious not a lot of people really love About Nelly quarter swing is the tempo Which is just as smooth as butter so Deliberate in the takeaway Obviously when you look at someone like Nelly quarter you think of this fluid Golf swing that just it seems so Athletic and it almost seems like when You take away the club at that speed you Have no choice but to be in a very very Good position at the top of the Backswing and that's understandable I Think a lot of people who get in trouble In transition are people who rush to Take away too much you look at how slow Nelly cord is it allows her at the top Of the backswing to have a you know that Slightly bowed wrist which has worked For her well Um because she's not rushing anything The club face position at the top of the Backswing is ideal for her motion and I Think a lot of that is created through Proper swing Rhythm so if there's one Specific thing that you can take away From Nelly quarter swing a lot of people

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Can certainly benefit from the slowing Down of the backswing just to really put Yourself in the best position possible At the top and through transition Another thing that I think is underrated About Nelly quarter swing that we can See from a caddy view video is uh she's A very solid rotationally I wouldn't say That she has this huge shoulder turn or Hip turn that someone like Justin Thomas Or Dustin Johnson would have but she Really is able to stay within herself You know she doesn't hit the ball a mile But with her consistency of striking you Don't need to do so another thing is if We look at her hip rotation it is just That it's very rotational a lot of People who lack rotation or have Rotation on the Lower Side they tend to Have a lot of hip sway or what some People refer to as lateral swing Movement which is when you know you're Rotating and swaying in the golf swing Which can lead it to a lot of issues if You're swaying a lot in the golf swing What that's going to do is it's going to Change your low Point control meaning That's when your swing is at its lowest Point it's important to keep that Consistent because that's going to be Just after you strike the ball Especially with irons and wedges so Having the ability to control that low Point is crucial so anything that we can

Keep standard and consistent throughout The golf swing we want to do that The the elimination of sway in the golf Swing is one thing we can do and then Another thing that all great golfers do Is keep your ball positioning consistent And keep those other aspects of the golf Swing that can be variable keep them Consistent another thing that has led to A lot of Nelly corda's success that can Be overlooked is her release pattern she Has gone on record in a few interviews I Think she did an interview a while ago With golf.com where she talked about the Concept of trapping your right hand and By that that's basically alluding to the Concept of releasing the golf club a lot Of people who struggle with drawing the Golf ball or have a slice they release That right wrist and they don't trap That right hand it's too late if you're Releasing that right wrist too late you Can't close off the club face because When you look at a right wrist that Right wrist as it moves and releases the Club that directly influences the club Face so if you're releasing it too late You're having an open Club face that Open Club face is fine if it's in Moderation and you want to hit a fade But if it's not in moderation you're Going to slice the golf ball you're Going to lose a lot of distance and you Actually might hit the ball a little bit

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Too high at times so that closed Club Face and that release pattern that Corda Has that seems so well controlled Especially with irons one of the better Ball Strikers on the LPGA Tour that Release pattern is perfect for the draw That she hits and she can also hit a Fade she does turn up turn to the fade On the golf course but looking at that In slow motion uh that's something to Really ingrain in your mind just those Two frames of right before and then Right after how that release comes Through this is something that is very Difficult to work on I would recommend Working on it pretty consistently it's Not something that you can say hey I'm Going to work on my release today and Then four weeks later work on it again And it's obviously very important to Film it from a number of angles you can See the freeze frames in quarter swing Of that release it's it's almost Impeccable how perfect her timing is With it throughout all of these swings That she's posted to her Instagram Finally we can just take a little look At the footwork of Nelly Corda which is Something that doesn't get addressed all The time but Um if you if you look at this Caddy's View at impact that left heel is off the Ground which isn't terribly unusual you Seen it a lot from Justin Thomas Rory

Does it with his bigger drives but that Concept of jumping off the ground is an Extension of her swing it allows her to Get that left foot through impact a Little bit better and it can really Create just Dynamite power if you can Really utilize the leveraging of the Ground and jump and extend that leg Through impact straighten it out that is How a lot of golfers generate power Especially important for golfers who are Smaller in stature may not have the the You know Dustin Johnson or John rahms Sized bodies but they can generate power Through extending that front leg you can See a nelly quarter swing it straightens Out right as she makes impact with the Ball that's a great way to leverage the Ground it's so prominent in all the best Smaller golfers who have powers swing Justin Thomas can he really explodes off That front leg Rory McIlroy does the Same and it really can help someone like Nelly Corda who has all of the Fundamentals the the great Rhythm the The hands through impact all of that Great stuff is great but can you get the Ball really far out there on that alone No you need to be able to leverage the Ground especially with someone like Corda who doesn't have crazy lower body Rotation all of that power from the Lower body comes with that leading leg I Hope you've learned a thing or two about

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The swing of Nelly quarter there's Certainly so much to love it's a great Swing to watch the swing is obviously Performed super well for her having a Pretty decorated career up to now I'd Love to hear your thoughts on it if There are any observations that you have Questions on or any observations of your Own that I did not mention I'd love to Hear them in the comment section down Below if you enjoyed this video please Leave a like rating down below it helps YouTube show this type of content to More people who will find it helpful it Also helps us here at scratch golf tips See what kind of content you're enjoying So we can tailor future content to your Needs if you'd like to see more content Like this feel free to subscribe to Scratch golf tips channel to see all of Our future uploads and if you want to See more content like this of player Analysis we have a player analysis page Or a playlist on our page that you can Go through and look at all those videos Thank you all very much for watching Play well and take care