Hey guys! 😀
This is the back 9 of my first disc golf tournament (the hardest part of the course). I tend to agree 😂. Hope you´ll enjoy the video.

A bit about me if you´re wondering:
I started at Latitude 64° a bit over a year ago and been trying to learn the sport of disc golf and making videos of that process from that day onwards. Before that I hadn´t even heard of disc golf. So it´s been a really great and fun experience so far (still feel I have a lot to learn, tho) watching and learning from the people around me at work and the great tips from all of you guys. Thank you for that!

Here some playlists:
Disc golf basics

Bag basics

Hoping you´ll have a great day and do let me know if there´s something else you´d like to see on the channel! 🤘❤

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