My BEST Golf ball for holing more putts!

The Great Benefits Of Getting The Best Golf Equipment Online

The game of golf would require quality equipment and these never come cheap. Golf clubs are the basic equipment you would need to play the game of golf but you would also need to have the best golf bag to store the clubs in. There are not that many sporting goods stores that sell golf accessories and equipment.

Getting Fitted For New Golf Clubs

Most activities you might want to take up are expensive at first. Golf certainly is. It stands to reason that given the outlay, you want to buy the best and most suitable golf equipment you can afford. The second qualification, suitability, is especially important when you make what will be your biggest purchase — a set of irons.

Prevent Golf Injuries – Lower Body Stretches

The importance of the lower body – hips, thighs, and calves – as a source of power in the golf swing has been discussed in detail in most golf lesson manuals. But what good is a finely tuned lower body designed for power if it is not operating at its peak before the golfer hits his first ball, not on the golf course but on the driving range?

Learn to Hit A Lob Wedge With These Tips

The lob wedge is the shortest distance wedge in golf, the pitching wedge being the longest and the gap wedge filling the “gap” between the two. It has the shortest staff and the greatest loft of all golf clubs.

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Golf Balls For Beginners Must Be Cheap And Replaceable

Golf looks like a pretty easy game when you view it on television or even from the stands of lush green golf courses as a spectator. However, the nuances of golf are very tough to grasp and follow.

The Yips

Perhaps like no pressure in sports, standing alone over a crucial putt can be a harrowing experience. Not only for professionals like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, standing on the 18th of a U.S. Open or at Augusta National, but for club golfers around the world. And this pressure can often be compounded by a case of the yips.

Bringing Your Range Game To the Course

All golfers think that if only they could hit the ball like they did in practice, their scores would plummet. They say they wish they could bring their range game to the course and wonder why they don’t do it. Actually, they do bring their range game to the course, and that’s the problem. The range game is not a game you can play with.

Elin, Please Give Tiger Back His Mojo

I know a good many of you will get the reference, Dr. Evil stealing Austin Power’s Mojo, which was oh so bad for Austin. Well, it sure looks like that is what has happened to Mr. Woods. If not, get the movie, it’s not half bad.

The Golf Practice Range – Steps To Practice Like a Pro

When I go to a golf tournament, one place I never miss spending time is the golf practice range. It is intriguing to watch professionals when they are truly practicing their craft. So what do the men and women who make their living competing in golf do that most of us never do? Quite a few things, really, and some that seem to carry little importance really are significant.

How to Break 80 in Golf Tips – Break 80 Consistently

Breaking 80 can be quite a struggle for golfers. Even some of the more prolific players may find that they cannot break this elusive score. What’s more, if you were to ask two golfers how to break 80, you would easily get two different answers. Perhaps these tips will help you with your goal to break 80 in golf.

Golf Lesson For a Beginner – Quick: Wanna Know How To Save Money On Golf Clubs?

People new to golf have a lot of things to learn about the sport. This article helps them avoid an all too common wallet-emptying mistake.

Golf Tip For a Beginner – Kill The Ball With This Quick Golf Tip For a Beginner

When we step up to the tee box on a nice long hole one thing goes through the average golfer’s brain: “I am going to smash this one and impress the group!” Learn a golf tip for beginners that helps achieve this goal.

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