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Golf Swing Plane – Understanding the Concept Will Certainly Benefit Your Golf Swing

There are many swing keys to focus on when discussing correct golf swing mechanics, but one that if you can understand and master will lead to more consistent golf. The golf swing plane has been talked about a great deal but not well understood, so hopefully this piece will give a perspective on it that will make some sense to you. We will not talk about the body and how it relates to the swing, but will only concentrate on the angle the club shaft takes throughout the golf swing, and all the hands and arms should do is make sure the club stays on this golf swing plane.

Golf’s Short Game and It’s Importance

Question: If everyone knows the importance of the golf’s short game, then why is it only pro’s and good amateurs spend 65% of their time practicing it? It is almost a dichotomy!

P3ProSwing Pro Golf Swing Simulator Review

Do you really have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on buying a Golf Simulator System that works? Find out how the P3ProSwing Pro Golf Swing Simulator System is not only an affordable indoor swing analysis system, but one that works and will help you to significantly improve your golfing performance.

Golf Grip Blunders

When both hands are turned too much to the right, the grip is called strong, and both ‘V’s will point too much towards the right shoulder, with almost all of the knuckles on the left hand visible. This grip can have one of two effects on the ball, neither of which is desirable. It is quite possible to return the clubface very open to the ball, causing a slice or a shot lacking distance, since the hands are unable to release their power and square the clubface.

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Golf Grip Mistakes To Avoid

The club is gripped mainly by the last three fingers of the left hand and the middle two of the right, but be careful of your interpretation of the word grip. If there was a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being very light and 10 being very tight, the correct pressure would be about 6 to 7. More players grip the club too tightly than too lightly, mainly in the fear that the club will go flying out of their hands if they do not do so.

Golf Grip Technique – The Right Hand

Whilst the left hand is a palm and finger grip, the right hand is solely a finger grip, and to help you to appreciate how your right hand should feel I want you to take a golf ball in your right hand as if you were about to throw it a long way overarm. Now look at how you are holding the ball and you will see that you are holding it mainly in your fingers and not very tightly. This will encourage your wrist to flex backwards as your arm moves forwards, giving you that snap in the…

Best Value Indoor Golf Swing Simulators

Wouldn’t it be great if you could practice and develop your golf swing in the comfort of your very own home! Find out how this is possible with some of the best value indoor golf swing simulators currently available.

Clever Golfing Hints

You must learn new techniques, and practice them regularly to succeed at golf. Spend the time to develop a proper swing. Make sure you are aware of other things having to do with your golf game that will play a part in a good game. This article was written to help you with some tips and tricks to improve your game.

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Big Ideas To Increase Your Golf Skills

A good sport should allow you to relax while being active. Golf can help you have fun and stay active. On the other hand, playing improperly is a painful experience. Read the following article for advice on how to improve your overall game.

The True Spirit of Golf and Its Benefits

Golf is an age old game that has been around for years and has been loved for years by many people. The secret of golf lies in its unique blend of qualities. It is a game that has a huge spirit of competition, but it is also a game full of sportsmanship.

How To Use The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

Would you like to strengthen your core golfing muscles, increase flexibility and develop a swing that has perfect balance, rhythm and tempo? Find out how this can be achieved by learning how to effectively use the best golf swing trainer on the market, the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer!

Male Bonding Time Through a Golf Game

Playing golf is not as easy as it looks. Golf swing lessons are not mastered overnight. It is pretty sure that Tiger Woods can hit a golf ball with his eyes closed and still beat you a hundred times. But you need to remember that before he was able to achieve his current stature, he had his own share of golf game bloopers too. Honestly, playing golf it is not as simple as standing, swinging and hitting the ball, there is so much more than that. Of course focus is important and together with that comes patience. Yes, patience is very important. Playing golf is not like playing basketball, volleyball, baseball where screams are involved. In golf, you actually have to be very quiet and before even playing you have to know simple swing lessons before knowing how to play.

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