Master Short Putts With These 3 Drills! #putting #golf #puttingtips

Here are three drills to add to your putting practice next time you’re at the golf course! These are simple, cheap, and easy to set up drills that will get you quick results! They are used by PGA tour professionals every week including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson! Use these and you will lower your scores and drop your golf handicap in no time!

The first drill is to help you with your putting contact.

The second is to help you with start line on your putts, this will help you get the ball started on the right line.

The third is a pressure drill and will help you take what you practice to the golf course. This style of practice is often overlooked and is a crucial part of the puzzle to playing better more consistent golf.

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Thank you to Meadow Gardens Golf Course for allowing me to film and bring the golf tips and lessons to you.

The putter I am using in this video is a Evnroll ER5 Mid Lock putter. If you have any questions about armlock putting feel free to send me a message on here or IG.

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