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Golfers of all skill levels are constantly scouring the internet for magical golf drills that provide simpler ways to achieve the ideal impact position and hit the ball clean every time they swing.

Self diagnosing a flawed golf swing definitely does not rank high on a golfer’s list of favorite things to do, nonetheless there are several elements in our swing that must work together correctly in order to achieve our desired end result in the impact position.

The George Gankas golf lessons regarding proper swing rotation have made the GG Swing Method a highly regarded system for players of varying experience and talent.

Through the GG Swing Method, George Gankas golf students have found with time, practice and efforts, their goals in the sport are easily attainable simply through applying the fundamentals of George’s lessons to their own style of play.

George has provided several revolutionary techniques regarding our body rotation in relation to how a player strikes the ball at impact.

In search of a clean, straight, strong impact, Gankas has compiled this video containing his breakdown of the mechanics leading up to the impact position and how golfers must fully optimize each motion in their swing to achieve perfection.

Golfers will find that the angle their hips are rotated towards as it relates to their target has a huge influence over the success they achieve at impact.

Players that have a low handicap are almost always shown to rotate their hips open in regards to their desired target when connecting with the ball during impact.

PGA Tour Pros at the highest level of play are shown to open their hip turn as much as 30 degrees during impact, resulting in a very clean shot for the golfer.

Opening the angle of our hips during impact has been shown to improve contact with the golf ball while adding measurable distance to the flight path of our shot.

Players that angle their hips toward their desired target at impact are also thought to improve contact with the golf ball while improving the aim of their overall shot.

Experienced golfers have found that increasing their shoulder tilt at impact drastically improves the results of their shot.

The same players will tell others that bending their shoulders backward at impact, away from their desired target, adds distance to the shot when done correctly.

Nearly every successful golfer that has achieved any level of acclaim in the sport will be shown to have their left wrist bowed and right wrist flexed (unless they are left handed, of course) during impact with the golf ball.

Known to veterans as clubhead lag, such wrist positioning at impact generates a huge amount of speed and strength in our overall swing.

Golfers who have poor luck with striking usually are miscalculating the timing of their lag, which collapses their left wrist at impact, leaving their hands far behind the ball as a result.

These miscalculations greatly diminish the force and accuracy of our shot, typically because golfers are hitting upward on the golf ball, resulting in their shot being scooped rather than struck properly.

The premature nature of the shot means irons are nearly impossible to be used correctly by golfers suffering from flawed timing in their wrist positioning.

Practitioners of the GG Swing Method refer to Gankas’ training on the subject, suggesting that players practice solely on wrist placement, so the sensation felt during correct positioning becomes second nature for the player.


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