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The Mac O’Grady Research and Design (MORAD) golf system, created by the 2 time PGA Tour winner Mac O’Grady remains one of the most relevant ways to develop a golf swing that me and my golf students have ever studied.

By teaching players about the distinct styles of hitters and swingers, MORAD prepares each golfer type to vastly improve their swings well beyond what they may naturally achieve. Through discouraging frozen right wrists during golf swings, MORAD conflicts with early swing strategies like the Golf Machine by Homer Kelley.

Described as 80% Sam Snead and 20% Ben Hogan, Mac O’Grady’s MORAD system combines the strengths of both PGA Tour legends to assist golfers in developing their swing in the best possible way. While MORAD teaches a variety of different golf swings, such differences are developed to mirror the styles, trajectories and golf clubs that the typical golfer utilizes throughout their playing experience.

As long as Mac has been teaching his MORAD system, a following of top speed golf pros have implemented his strategies like Gran White and others. There have been criticisms throughout the global golf community about MORAD, often citing former PGA Tour player Chip Beck as an example of the failures of O’Grady’s golf swing system.

In recent years, Mac O’Grady has discontinued direct associations with PGA Tour players. Despite O’Grady’s distance from the PGA, many of the golf swing techniques found in the MORAD system have become popular with modern golf pros. Me and my golf students study the athletic motion found in Mac’s system to find potential benefits of applying the strategies to our swings to combat modern obstacles within the sport.

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MORAD has even contributed ground breaking discoveries to the sport of golf, which has radically changed settled science on ball flight laws, which were innovative compared to the beliefs of past golf instructors. MORAD has also influenced theories on golf swing release, which undoubtedly helps modern golfers further develop their swings to this day.

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00:00 Managing Your Arms During Swings
00:44 Regulation of the Dowswing Transition
01:25 Establising an Inside Swing Path
02:05 Swing like Mac O’Grady
02:48 Start Developing Your Golf Swing

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