Left Hand Golf Tip Hybrid irons one swing at a time

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I often get asked in my lessons by pupils, “Should I take a divot Pete? do I need to be hitting down and taking a divot like I see the guys in the T.V doing? Well it’s often very specific to the type of shot that you are playing. Clearly when you are hitting a driver and you’ve got a ball upon a tee peg, there is no divot there; there certainly shouldn’t be a divot. Maybe you’re playing a three wood off the deck or a long iron or hybrid club off the deck, and again not much of a divot there. We play the ball nearer to the front side and we take less of a divot. If you’re taking a very short time let’s say pitching ways nine nine, you play it back in the middle of your stands you should hit down and therefore you should be taking a divot. The divot would be the size of a 1 dollar bill, and it would be placed left of center for the right-handed golfer, never a divot on this side here.

When we look at hybrid golf clubs, hybrid clubs are built slightly differently. They don’t have the sharp leading edge and a narrow profiler of an iron club that’s designed to hit down and dig. A hybrid golf club is built with a curved face, with a little bit more off set and with a lot more of bulbous bottom to it here. So plays a lot more like a three wood or five wood. So when you’re playing your hybrid clubs, don’t be temped to smash down into the floor and try and gouge out a big divot. The hybrid club is a lot more about the sweeping angle of attack. So we you play the ball left of center, we sweep down through the impact area, the hands can feel like they’re level or maybe just a degree or two ahead and the body weight is a little bit more central. So it’s designed for players that aren’t so aggressive and so downward striking. That was well for irons but not for hybrids. So we sweep the ball up into the air. We don’t take a massive divot but we still get a nice high fly, because a lot of the weight of the hybrid club is positioned underneath to fly the ball up in the air.

So if you’re a big gouger and you like taking divots, irons are going to be good for you up until you get to your long stuff. But if you’re not a big divot taker and you don’t hit the ball far enough or high enough for your liking, maybe consider some hybrid golf clubs with the bulbous bottom, they also [Phonetic] [0:02:16] had a nice light weight shaft and practice sweeping them up in the air for better results.

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