LEARN THE ONE-PIECE TAKEAWAY (in 5 mins. or less)

In this backswing tip I’m teaching you the one-piece takeaway. After watching this tip you will literally master it in under 5 minutes.

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The takeaway is the start to your backswing. If you do this wrong, you many not be able to set the top of the backswing properly without other flaws. So it’s best to start the swing right and learning a pone-piece takeaway is how to do that.

This tip will stop you taking the club too the inside or outside. It will cure fanning it open or hooding the clubface too much. It will stop you breaking your wrists in the beginning, forward pressing or changing your grip.

In other words it fixes a ton of swing flaws so you can easily set the top of the backswing in the perfect position.

This one-piece takeaway drill is so simple and I know you can master it in 5 minutes or less because you have already done it perfectly before. Watch this takeaway tip and you will see exactly how easy it is.

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