Jim McLean: Swing Plane Tips & Drills and Head Position

Golf Lesson by Jim McLean on how to improve your swing plane and proper head position. How PivotPro can help you stay under the plane? One of the most popular myths when it comes to golf instruction is the one about maintaining a still head throughout the swing. Fact is, that’s only partly correct. In actuality, the head should move to allow for the proper upper-body rotation to take place.

Golf Training Aid for Correct Pivot. PivotPro, Worlds First Patented pivot training aid for golfers of all caliber and ages. With its easy to use and versatile design, PivotPro is a revolutionary golf training aid that is specifically designed to promote correct pivoting in your golf swing.

PivotPro is the next generation golf training aid, enabling you work on proper pivoting. PivotPro will help you eliminate:

·Excessive sway – swaying hips result in a poor weight shift, and power loss
·It prevents casting of the club and over the top move
·If you suffer from reverse pivoting, lack of club head speed or a balanced finish
1.Master to stay centered over the ball
2.Master to swing the club on the correct plain
3.Master a powerful coil
4.Master your spine angle
·Master proper footwork and balance

The secret to PivotPro success is that it forces you to pivot correctly ingraining correct fundamentals resulting in proper coiling of the upper torso against the right leg, creating maximum resistance that leads to more power, consistency, proper weight distribution, and footwork — its like having your own professional instructor.

In order to be consistent in your golf swing, it is vital that you must load correctly and achieve same proper position at the top of your swing every time. The number one reason armatures hit inconsistent shots is that they never get in the same proper position at the top of the swing.

In golf one needs to learn to feel things to fix your problems. PivotPro will help you feel and detect pivoting flaws, that sometime you dont feel when you hit inconsistent shots.

PivotPro comes with a pivot guidance rod. Pivot rod gives you immediate visual as well as physical feedback if you dont pivot correctly. From the comfort of your home practice correct pivoting by simply inserting the rod into the device and go.

The rods unique design also allows you to use the rod as stand-alone training aid. The rod comes with a pointed end on one side, which can easily be inserted into the ground when practicing without the aid.

The rod will give you immediate feedback if you tend to sway your hips use the rod on your hitting side and practice hitting against the left side and proper finish.

Say goodbye to skulling or chunking your chip shots. PivotPro is an ideal training aid for practicing chip shot around and short of the greens. Practice with PivotPro and learn to chip with confidence and consistency. PivotPro will force you to keep your weight on the left side, which is critical in executing crisp and consistent chip shots. Learn to chip like the tour professionals. PivotPro will force you to hit chip shots with bowed left wrist, which is absolutely critical in hitting consistent chips.
PivotPro Be consistent and more power to you! –

We are serious about your game!

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