Intro – Proper Golf Swing for Consistent Golf Shots

In this video you’ll get an introduction into this next series of golf lessons which focuses on getting a proper golf swing. Indeed, now that you’ve mastered every component of a perfect golf setup it is now time to get that body, club and ultimately that golf ball moving.

While it is possible to get into a perfect setup, as we’ve seen in our previous series, there really isn’t such a thing as a perfect golf swing. And if there is, it doesn’t mean that you – an amateur golfer – can master every key trait of that golf swing. We’ll leave it to the golf professionals. Rather than trying to find and execute that perfect golf swing we’ll focus on the fundamental aspects of a proper golf swing instead. A golf swing that is efficient, repeatable and one that will produce the consistent ball flight that you are looking for.

This series of golf swing lessons is broken down into the key phases of a golf swing:
– Takeaway
– Backswing (Halfway Back Position)
– Top of the golf swing
– Downswing (Transition)
– Impact
– Rotation, Extension and Release
– Follow Through

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