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Think back to the time when you first started playing Disc Golf. For some we were given a disc by a friend, others started with an ultimate frisbee, but the overwhelming majority were likely introduced with a starter set. Often including a putter, mid, and driver in base plastic; these discs are the foundation to hundreds of thousands of disc golf careers.

I thought, at the end of the biggest year of disc golf in my life, why not go back to the basics? I went out to George Ward Park in Birmingham, Alabama, and played the front nine using only an Innova Discs starter set. Little did I know everything would be set up in the long positions for an upcoming tournament when I filmed…but see how it went. Also if you’re new to the sport and trying out the discs for the first time, I hope the commentary helps as we talk about the discs and how to know when you’re ready to move past the starter set!

For this week’s youtube spotlight, I wanted to feature a new friend, Sara Sinclair, and her husband, Shawn! Shawn is a former pro and Sara plays in FPO currently. They are incredible teachers, players, and people. Check out their content at

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Thanks again for stopping by, but until next time I hope the birdies outnumber the bogies!!

0:00 Intro
0:55 Hole 1
1:50 Hole 2
2:37 Hole 3
3:30 Hole 4
4:22 Hole 5
5:24 Hole 6
6:23 Hole 7
7:14 Hole 8
8:23 Hole 9
9:01 Wrap Up

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