Improving your Disc Golf Form with Hailey King

Want to improve your disc golf form? This is the perfect episode for you! On today’s episode of the Chain Clankers disc golf podcast, we bring on Discrafts young star Hailey King. In this podcast, we learn how Hailey got into disc golf and what family meant to her when starting to play. After that, we get into how you can improve your form in disc golf. We discuss various things that you could be doing wrong and some tips Hailey has to overcome them. We discuss injury prevention and why sacrificing distance might be the key to having better form while throwing in disc golf.

Once we are done discussing improving our form in disc golf we get into a discussion on what mentality is best on the course. We discuss if the aggressive mindset is better than the playing it safe and laying it up mindset and why. Moving on from here we discuss the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championships and how Hailey won this tournament. We discuss the mindset she had during it and so much more.

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