Improve the golf game – things I’m practicing over the winter #subscribe #like #hitthebell

My winter get better at golf list has come down to just a few things that I think will help me get over the final hump to really have a great golf game and give me the confidence to play and be successful in tournaments.

I’ll be using Super Speed Golf sticks to improve my swing speed. If you want to join in with me and are ready to purchase your set, click this link:

I’m also going to be working with the Setup 4 Impact single plane swing with the help of Kirk Junge from Click the link below to learn more about his program:

I’m also working on a new workout program so I can bulk up like Bryson DeChambeau. I’ll be using some of the tips from @muscular_style, specifically this video:

I think utilizing and introducing these new aspects to my golf game, I’ll be hitting longer and straighter drives, have more consistency with my irons, simplify my chipping and improve my putting.

I may not be Bryson DeChambeau, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson or any of the other big name pros, but there’s no reason I can’t get my game to their level.

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